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Todd J Myers

Red Team


I started running in 2007, doing mostly 5/10K's, then NYC Marathon in 2011. I did my first ultra, Sky To Summit 50K, in 2019, and moved up to 50 milers, 100K's and several timed events. Looking to keep getting better as I near 50 and keep going for a long time in the future.


Finish Fierce Dragon 100, Cruel Jewel 100, DT Stone Anvil 100, and GDR all in the first half of 2023. Going back to Merrill's Mile in 2023 48 hours for the course record and 200+ miles. Compete in Moab 240 in 2023.


IG: TJMyers72 FB: toddjmyers twitter: Veganrun

Todd J Myers
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