Run for Fun and You Always Win

"Run for fun and you always win." This is one of the mottos that lead Sean “Run Bum” Blanton to start Run Bum Races.  He’s run over 300 ultra marathons around the world. “My whole goal is to take people to remote areas of our country to see the beauty, to get folks way off the beaten path. During my races you will stop multiple times and be like, "OH MY GOD!" as your jaw drops from the views. Be unique. These races are unique and we have everything from 5k to 120 miles. I found that in my personal life anything that came easy was nothing that changed me or bettered me. We do hard things to make us better people."  Come join our fun, safe and scenic trail races!

Sean recently set the Fastest Known Time for the 1,108 mile Florida National Scenic Trail at 50 mile a day for 22 days. 

He designs every aspect of every race. From logos, to the courses, aid station food and swag. Simply put, this is his heart and soul!