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What is your refund policy?

With the exception of terminal illness, death of friend or family member, and military or pregnancy deferral, Run Bum Tours does not offer refunds, transfers, or deferment of race entries within 90 days of event. Prior to 90 days of event, a 50% credit towards a future race will be given. Prior to six months of event, a full credit towards a future race can be given. Credit must be used within 1 year of original race date. Pregnancy, Terminal Illness, & Military Deferral is offered for 2 years. Contact us to activate credit. Thanks!

....But, I'm injured!

We get it. Injuries suck! And we are sorry to hear that you are injured, but we cannot make exceptions for injuries.

Do you allow bib transfers?

Unfortunately we do NOT allow bib transfers for any of our races. 

I need to cancel. What do I do?

Please go to and go to your registration history. Select the race you wish to cancel and click CANCEL .

Am I allowed to drop down to a shorter distance than what I signed up for?

Yes! We usually allow drop downs up to two weeks before the race. To drop down your distance, you will need to log in to your account and go to your registration history. Next to the race you wish to drop down, click "edit" and it will allow you to change your distance. 

I volunteered. How do I claim my free entry?

THANK YOU for volunteering! Below is our volunteer credit system.

  • 4 Volunteer hours - free entry of any NOT sold out Run Bum race of 13.1 miles or less 

  • 8 Volunteer hours - free entry of any NOT sold out Run Bum race of 50k or less

  • 12 Volunteer hours - free entry of any NOT sold out Run Bum race of 50 miles or less 

  • 20 volunteer hours - free entry of any NOT sold out Run Bum race of 100 miles or less

              ***Georgia Death Race not eligible for volunteer credit entries ***

After you volunteer, please fill out the following form. When race registration opens up for your selected event, we will place a coupon in your account. You should sign up as normal, but registration should be free upon checkout. Please not you MUST register, we do not register for you. If you have any issues, email us!

Submit Hours |

I want to volunteer. How do I sign up?

Please click the race you want to volunteer at, then follow the link to sign up. We will get in touch with you before the race and send all important info via email. If you don't hear from us, please get in touch!

Volunteer |

My race result is wrong! Can you fix it?

Absolutely! Fill out the contact form above and include your finish time. We'll take care of it.

I purchased swag, but I'm not coming to the race. Can you ship it?

Unfortunately, we cannot ship out any swag. You can, however, have a friend pick up your swag for you.  

I broke my pint glass/lost my hat/ shirt/ spike. Can I buy another one?

Unfortunately we are a small business run by two people and our parents who help occasionally. We do not and are not able to ship out any swag after our races unless we are at fault for giving you something broken or defective. 

Help, I can't find certain information about a race.

Go to the race page. Maps and aid charts are listed on clickable links. We share very lengthy runner and volunteer handbooks at least one month out from race date, and they will also be available via clickable link on the race page on our website. This will have all pertinent info including start times, finish times, shuttle info, drop bags, where to stay, etc. If you have a map related question, explore CalTopo as there are lots of things you can do there (download GPX, see elevation profile, etc.) If we missed anything, shoot us a message.

Is my child / dog allowed to race with me?

We do NOT allow pets at our races. As for children / teens running, we do not allow anyone under 18 to race our ultra events but make special exceptions for teens with significant mountain/ultra/trail experience. Our shorter distances we will let you use your own parental discretion, but we ask that you can show that your child has significant experience, and you must stay with them at all times.

When does registration open for [insert race]?

If you want to stay in the loop for when a certain event opens, go to the race page on our website, click register, then click WATCH on ultrasignup. This will allow you to receive alerts on registration date and when the event is reaching capacity.

How many spots are left for [insert race]?

This number varies greatly for each event, and we can rarely tell you EXACTLY how many spots are left at a given time. Your best bet is to join the WATCH list on ultrasignup (see above) and to stay notified that way.

Is there a waitlist for [insert race]?

If a race distance has a waitlist enabled, it will be displayed on ultrasignup. Otherwise, assume there is no waitlist.

How do I get into GDR since it sells out so quickly?

Follow Run Bum Races on all social channels, as we usually start to give folks a heads up on opening date. Click WATCH on ultrasignup so you can be notified via email when it opens. Sign up as soon as the race registration opens - it almost always sells out within 24 hours. Once it is full, we will likely operate a waitlist. Add your name to the list!

Do you think I could finish [insert race] with [insert experience]?

We get this question a lot, and everyone is different so there is not a yes or no answer. Instead, we can tell you the recommendations of the following races and hope you will use your best judgement. Please understand that our events are mostly trail and mountain races and will typically be harder than traditional road and easy trail races. We recommend you thoroughly research each event, study the terrain/elevation profile, and train accordingly.

Beginner Friendly: Yeti Nightmare, Forgotten Florida 5/15mi, Grayson Half, Brasstown Bald Buster, Cloudland Canyon 5M, Helen Holiday Half / 10k

Intermediate: Quest 10k, Sky to Summit 50k/25k, 

Advanced: Forgotten Florida 100/50, Sky to Summit 100k, Cloudland 50M/50k

Graduate, do not attempt without significant experience: Georgia Death Race, Quest for the Crest 50k

Can I hike the entire race and finish?

We welcome all fitness levels, but we generally cater to runners. Hiking is fine for some events and necessary with mountains, but we suggest you run some to stay ahead of cutoffs. Cutoffs are not made with ONE pace set for the entire day, but each pace is different and based off the terrain and elevation for each specific segment. Please plan accordingly. 

What are you doing to help offset damage to environment?

ALL of our races are cupless races - we do not have cup waste at our aid stations and all runners must bring their own cup to collect fluids. Starting in FALL 2022, all runners will receive Hydrapak speed cup with their entry to use at our races. We also participate in Gu Terracycle and place all nutrition/hydration wrappers in these bins. We practice LEAVE NO TRACE for all of our races, and runners and crews are disqualified if they are caught littering or damaging the trails in any way. We like to leave all trails we use BETTER than we found them.

How do I get involved in a trail work day:

We organize extensive trail work days throughout the year, and any and all folks are welcome to join. No experience is necessary. We provide all the tools. It is a great way to give back to the trails and pay it forward! Sign up here and we will get in touch when the next trail date comes up. Tune into our social channels to stay in the loop.

Do you offer any special support for females running your races?

Run Bum Races has a team of strong females leading the charge alongside RD Sean. We are all about getting the gals out into the trails. We offer a safe and welcoming environment to all females, and frequently put on trail running 101 events to help engage new and potential runners. For those already experienced and racing, we offer a 2 year deferral to women who become pregnant who wish to race at a later time. We also offer menstrual care kits at our aid stations for females that include tampons and wipes.

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