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Meet Team Run Bum 


Sean "Run Bum" Blanton

Owner and Race Director 

Sean is the "Run Bum" himself who founded Run Bum Races back in 2011. The Georgia Death Race was the first race he ever directed!! In the last 16 years, he has run over 300 ultra marathons, is a USFS certified chain sawyer, Florida Trail member and volunteer trail maintainer for the Florida Trail Association and National Forest Service. Sean also holds the fastest time to run the entire 1,108 mile Florida National Scenic Trail.

Sean has a passion for community building, trail stewardship, and of course running.  

After playing soccer his whole life, he ran his first ever road race when he was 18 years old to prove that he could run. It was the Peachtree 10k! After that, he quickly took on the challenge to compete in more races and eventually found trail running, then ultramarathons. Before Run Bum was hosting trail running events, Sean was hosting running tours all around the world to take people to beautiful places!

"I started Run Bum Races because I wanted to show off all the beautiful places I run around the South. I got tired of folks telling me the South didn’t have real mountains or real beauty. I have now gotten into the trail building and trail maintenance side of things. I love clearing the trails for our races and for people to enjoy. I love racing and being competitive (for me). While I don’t think everyone’s goal should be to run 100 miles or maybe even an ultra but it should be to push themselves and every now and then to do something they don’t know if they can do. Trail running changed my life and I want to share that with others.”


Deanna Doane

Race Director

Deanna is the second half to Run Bum and a passionate trail runner. She is a native Floridian from Jacksonville Beach and loves being in the water as much as on land. She has her own catering business called "Sweet D's Kitchen" where she cooks plant based meals, including delicious vegan chili for many Run Bum finish lines!! She is also a USFS certified chain sawyer and volunteer trail maintainer for the Florida Trail Association and forest service! 

"I first started running when I was in high school. I joined the cross country team and quickly grew a love for the sport. It became my meditation and how I clear my mind. I continued to run for a few years after that to stay in shape, then eventually discovered the world of trail running and ultras. In 2020 I ran my first 50k then fell down the rabbit hole. As they say, ' the rest is history.' Since then, I have run many races from 50k's all the way to 100 milers.

In 2021 I discovered Run Bum Races. After a year of running the races and volunteering, eventually it all aligned for me to officially join the team. It has been the best and most impactful change in my life. Directing these races is what I truly LOVE to do and aligns with all of my passions and life purposes. I feel so connected to every runner and every volunteer that I get to meet. Run Bum truly is my family and my home.


My biggest running goal currently is that I plan to run/hike to become the fastest person to complete the Florida Trail in February 2025. I CANNOT WAIT!!


Brandy Krisher

Social Media Guru and Marketing Coordinator 

Brandy is our social media expert behind the screen! She is from New Smyrna Beach, Florida and wears many hats. She is a mother, trail runner, licensed massage therapist, photographer, dog mom, and devoted wife to her husband Bradley Krisher. They have their own photography business @BBphotoadventures and love to shoot trail races, families, and portraits. 

She started running in her twenties short distances but with no goals in mind. It was not until she overcame her alcohol addiction in April of 2017 that she felt inspired to really train again. She is a proud sober warrior and coached athlete now! 

"Running has always felt healing for me and that's why I continue to do it today amongst a thousand other reasons. Initially racing was never a goal of mine - truly it made me so uncomfortable to be that vulnerable. Well 2 years later and in less than a years time I have officially finished 5 ultra distances and 8 official trail races. My goals are simply to push myself continuously past the boundaries I have set for myself out of fear and doubt. Whatever that distance or experience is. I want to see what I'm capable of time and time again. November 2024 will be my first attempt at 100 miles!!" 


 "Run Bum came into my life when I first decided to give trail races a try last February 2023. I volunteered at Forgotten Florida and was absolutely floored at how well the events are put on the outpour of support for the ucommunity and the list goes on. Run Bum is not a job to me it's a family. One that I will forever be grateful to be a part of."


Sarah Mullins

Email Marketing Coordinator

Sarah plans and writes out all of our email blasts for marketing and advertising. She is from Woodstock, Georgia and is a trail runner, mother of four, teacher, and wife. 

She first started running in high school but did not pick it back up again until having her oldest child because it was an easy way to stay in shape with a baby.

"I run now because I have type 1 diabetes and it keeps my blood sugar low. I also run to show my kids that I am more than a mom and that you can set hard goals and accomplish them.

A running goal I have is to complete another 50 miler and maybe a 100 mile race.

My favorite thing about RunBum is the community. It's like we are one big family supporting and cheering each other on!"

Sarah and her family regularly volunteer at all Run Bum races. She has run many of our races including the Wild Florida 50k and Grayson Highlands 50 miler! 


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