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Sean Cook

Blue Team


Well first and foremost I am a retired Army veteran. I spent enough time down Range to get a4 Year degree. I started running because I broke my ankle and had reconstructive surgery. That was 2015. I haven’t looked back….. until I got myocarditis last year my life was a wreck and my running was a wreck! Then Sean reached out to me to run the Forgotten Florida 100. It literally was the biggest and most important thing anyone had done to help me mentally and physically. I focused and finished. I am getting ready for the GA Death Race in March. My journey is far from over. I want to run Leadville next year, GA Death Race, maybe Western States, volunteer at the Rock House for Grayson, and then hopefully find a way to run a couple more East Coast 100’s. But I really want to have fun. I want to spread the word of running and enjoying it! Again my journey is far from over and my wife and I will continue to run Run Bum Tour races regardless of I am selected or not. I believe in Sean……all Sean’s as long as they spell it right.


Run all of Sean’s 100 mile runs. Run Badwater. Quality and run HardRock. But get healthy and have fun running. Support other runners by volunteering and helping out (Grayson Highlands). Get more involved in the support aspects of things as my health allows. My long term goal is 10 Leadville finishes. Next year I will do some more local races and area races to support local and small businesses.


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Sean Cook
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