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Scott Brady Jr

Red Team


Been running 5k through marathon distance races since 2009 despite being told by doctors my entire life that I'd never be able to do more than the sprints I was allowed to do in school because of my severe activity induced asthma. My neurological issues the last 5 years have gotten progressively worse and cause a wide variety of issues and pain but I'm determined to stay as healthy as I can and run, walk, and crawl if necessary for as long as I can to accomplish my goals. I'm not a fast runner, quite the opposite but I love to inspire the "average joe" to just get out there and just have fun, and never ever quit!


Get faster and reduce mile pace times. Get stronger and healthier, reduce down times after races. Bring more people into the running community.


IG: @irishwolfphotog. FB: Scott Brady

Scott Brady Jr
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