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Sarah Ohm

Blue Team


I am a mid to back of pack ultra runner. I am definitely a far more talented road than trail runner, however, trail running is what I love. I really enjoy Sean's races because I see beautiful places while being reminded how very mortal I am. I sometimes miss cutoffs and DNF, but I still enjoy the journey. Trail/ultra running has helped me heal and find myself in ways that the road never could. I know a big part of that is the community. Sean has encouraging me and my son for many years now and I am grateful for what he has brought to the east coast.


I have completed four 100 mile races and have a fifth soon after I return from deployment. My goal in 2023 is to do a race over 100 miles. I am torn between two races right now (Potawatami 150 or Canebrake 200). I am sad Sean doesn't have a >100 distance. I would also like to get to his Ute 100 and Sky to Summit 100k.


facebook: sarah.ohm, Instagram: ohmsarah, TikTok: @ohmsarah

Sarah Ohm
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