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Robert Jason Woodall

Red Team


I’m married to a wonderful woman who encourages me to pursue my goals. I’m also the father of three great children ages 10, 16, and 19. I started running in 2015 as a means to get back in shape and ended up winning a few local 5k/10k’s. At one of those races, it was suggested that I check out a local run club. Up to that point, I viewed running as a solitary exercise to get through. I went to my first Wednesday night run club and met a group of enablers that encouraged me to try trail running and sign up for things I never knew existed. I signed up for GDR after having completed my first 50k. I am appreciative of the support I’ve received from my group of run friends and the trail running community and take every opportunity to pass it on when I can.


To remain active and continue to gain friendships in the ultra running community while running and training at a steady rate that is sustainable for many years to come.



Robert Jason Woodall
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