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Rita Levine

Blue Team


I am. 33 year old single mom of a toddler, my son Cole. Like I said before I’ve been running for as long as I can remember. I always suffered from anxiety but my family didn’t really address these issues, and I was left to deal with it on my own. Running was how I managed it. As I got older, and stresses would increase, I continued to use running. I ran everyday the entire time I was pregnant, and soon after having my son, he became my favorite running partner. I was told by my therapist that running literally saved my life because of the relationship with my son’s father. We are now on our own and thriving, and I completed my first ultra marathon for my son. I promised myself I would finish and bring that medal back for him. He loves to go on trail runs with me while he relaxes in the stroller, and he even asks to “go for runs” himself now. To see the next generation of runner growing in front of my eyes is amazing. He’s so proud, and I cannot wait to continue my ultra running for both myself and my son.


To further my ultra marathon involvement. I will be running the sky to summit 50k in November and hope to continue finding more distance races to challenge myself.



Rita Levine
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