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Mallory Kate Lovell

Blue Team


I spent my entire childhood playing golf so much that it was basically a full-time job. I burned out my senior year of high school and quit. This burnout was followed by severe mental health issues, and I become uninterested in everything. Trail running gave me a new outlet and revived my love for golf as well. I then played four years of college golf but found most of my college friends through running.
I began running in 2017 after a two-week NOLS trip in the Tetons. I found a great love for the outdoors and getting active. I began by running a few road races with my dad, but it never felt like home. I decided to try trail races and loved the community I found. This summer I completed a fifty-mile race, my second longest so far, in preparation for a 75- and 100-mile race this fall. I love trail races and have run all but 3 with my dad by my side. I love that it is something that we can do together, and it is my favorite way to spend time with him.

I am currently beginning to expand into further and further races and am looking forward to my dad being my crew and number one fan.


I am currently training for a 75 in September and my first 100 mile race in October. I hope to continue racing in longer races in the future.


Instagram: @Mallory_lovell @Mallorykatelovell

Mallory Kate Lovell
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