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Kyle Kalbus

Blue Team


Started running 5 years ago to improve mental and physical health. I've lost nearly 100 lbs and able to manage my schizophrenia and bipolar trail running. I love being a part of the trail running community and always available to help other people get into and improve at trail running. I really helping other people reach and achieve their goals!
Fall 2022 was a major breakthrough.
Won Laz's Little Dog's Backyard Ultra (28 yards, 117 miles)
5th at Pinhoti 100 (21:26:30)
3rd at Cloudland Canyon 50 (7:58:42)
6th at Lookout Mountain 50 (9:18:28)"


Qualify for Big Dog's Backyard Ultra, Qualify for Boston Marathon, Find New Places to run. I want to focus on being a better trail ambassador. Focus on trail maintenance, volunteering, building a running community, help with putting on running events. Get more integrated and involved within the trail running community.


Kyle Kalbus
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