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Kelly Tipple

Red Team


I’m just an average 52 year old who loves trail and ultra running, stand up paddle boarding, mountain biking, camping and Ebike exploring with my wife of 29 years. I don’t consider myself a runner or super athlete, just a former fat guy who struggles everyday to keep moving and improving. I do love to share my story and encouraging others to get outside and just move. Enjoy life. Seize the moment. Having lived in the Atlanta area for 15 years prior to running, I never had the chance to try a lot of Run Bum races. I’d love the opportunity to refund to the SE for RB races and to encourage others to do the same. Thanks for the consideration.


2023 A races include GDR & 351 miles at HOTS


Kelly Tipple ehs_sro_126

Kelly Tipple
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