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Jimmy Daresta

Blue Team


The run bum team knows me well. I started out running in 2013 after one of best friends died suddenly from a heart attack. I realized we lived the same lifestyle and I could be next leaving my two kids fatherless. I got a treadmill and started running. My first trail type running was via Spartan races. I then did Run Bum’s Nantahala Hilly Half as my first trail race. I was hooked on trail running after that. I then did 3 50ks before finishing my first GDR in 2017. Since then I love doing ultra races with beautiful nature and views, but I really love them when they are also hard and make me want to quit. I like that because then it forces me to dig deep and battle through it to finish. I feel that translates to other areas in my life. If I can overcome those times of wanting to quit on the trail I can overcome it in other areas. As I get older I find running and trails brings balance to me. Clears my mind of work and lets be one with nature and myself. Trail running will be a part of me until the end.


Immediate finisher UTE and Sky 100k. Train to be able to be able to be faster on trail climbs. Long term finish GDR 2 more times for 5 total finishes. Finish one GDR in 20 hours or less. I’d like to do some 50ks overseas. Do one 50k with at least 3000k climb in less than 5 1/2 hours.


Jimmy Daresta - Facebook, @jadaresta -Instagram

Jimmy Daresta
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