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Jason Thomson

Red Team


Started running October 8th 2020, my first run was .61 miles and I almost died. I have always been athletic, I was the Utah 2A state mvp my senior year in high, and I play college football at Snow College. But by the time Oct 2020 came around I was I a foreman for a bridge building company and still working a physical job my physical shape was poor I weighed over 210 and after that horrible morning run Oct 8th 2020 I decided I had enough. My first running goal was to be able to do 4 miles straight under 32 minutes and after getting up almost every morning I hit that goal on Dec 31 2020 and by then I had found out about trail running and got super addicted to it and soon I was getting up at 3am every morning and getting better and faster and soon with some encouragement from some new kick ass friends signed up for the Speedgoat 50k, it was very hard but made me even more in love with it since then I’ve done the Deadhorse 50miler and Zion 100k. And tomorrow will be attempting my first 100 miler the UTE!!


Continue to see how far/good I can get!


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Jason Thomson
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