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Ivan Ng

Blue Team


I started getting off the couch again in November 2018 with 9 mad loops around Central Park in New York and never looked back after that, looking for the next challenge with more distance, more vert, more travel, more culture, more crazy like-minded people...It is a great addiction and I have sworn off alcohol to get better at it. I would love to be part of a team that never breaks and never accepts failure as an option.


1. Continue to spread trail running virus amongst anyone willing to be similarly poisoned.
2. Complete UTMB TDS 145km in August 2022.
3. Complete Cloud Splitter 100K in October 2022 and Spartan Golden Gate in November 2022.
4. Complete Run Bum Georgia Death Race 74M in March 2023 with that pound of junk.
5. Pray that Run Bum Shadows of the South gets that point-to-point permit from Otto NC to Clayton Georgia for April 2023.
6. Scouted out part of sick route for Quest for The Crest 50K, while in preparation for Val D'Aran by UTMB 2022. Watching registration for May 2023.
7. Run in UTE along Porcupine Rim trail to get that awesome view of Castle Valley again (relive 2017 mountain bikepacking trip as part of San Juan hut system). Get lottery for Western States and UTMB Full Distance in 2023.


Ivan Ng
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