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Charles Raffensperger

Red Team


I love the running community and love to give back. Running, especially trail/ultrarunining has quite literally changed my life. I met my wife during an ultra adventure run and we got married at a waterfall along that trail. I'm a founder of and contributor to Eat Clean Run Dirty magazine.


I plan to retire soon and want to throw myself back into the best physical condition I'm capable of to see what I can accomplish as an older runner and set example to others my age to what they can accomplish if they make fitness a priority. I'd like to attempt to finish some of the races I've DNFd, do some more adventure runs, make another attempt to become the first person to climb all 4,000' peaks in Georgia in a single footpath (I attempted that in 2015), and keep trying hard things.


I'm really only on Facebook - have an Instagram account but never use it

Charles Raffensperger
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