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Carey Allen

Blue Team


I didn't start running until I was 30 and had just torn my ACL playing basketball. Was told I'd never play again and probably needed a knee brace to mow the lawn if our yard was a little bit uneven. Screw that! I worked through PT, did a couch to 5k to half marathon to marathon, and then discovered trail running about 6 years ago. I love challenging myself to do races that I'm not sure if I'm capable of finishing, sometimes resulting in DNFs but then learning from those and coming back for redemption - like with GDR I DNF'ed on the 2020 Covid course when I missed cutoff at Skeenah Gap literally by one minute but returned this year and finished with plenty of time to spare!


Training for a 100k in October, and a marathon PR attempt at Richmond in November. Next year a 100 miler, dream goal - Western States, Hard Rock, or UTMB


Carey Allen on Facebook (most used), CareyAdventureRunning on YouTube, JustaRunningGu1 on Twitter

Carey Allen
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