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Annette Stevens

Blue Team


I started road running 7 years ago, after being inspired by my nephew running cross country. I was shocked at how exciting it was to watch competitive running! I started slow with a couch to 5k program hosted by our local Fleet Feet. I worked up my distance and did my first marathon in 2020. I had a lot of encouragement by my work dad, Shane. He finally convinced me to try trail running and I fell in love, after I got over how much my pace decrease compared to the road! I've always enjoyed the outdoors. Combining my love for the solitude of nature with my love for running was a match made in heaven. For me, like most runners, I enjoy running for the outlet of all the daily and built up stress.
I am not the fastest runner so ultrarunning is definitely my thing. I love pushing my limits to see how far I can go and how much pain I can endure. I like to think that my past has made me mentally strong and most of my friends would agree with that. I like entering the pain cave, as the GOAT would say, and seeing if I can make it out.
I also really enjoy the running community. Almost every runner you meet is super encouraging and you can always find someone willing to give you advice or support you. I remember having friends show up halfway through my 50 miler and crying because it meant so much to me. I like to be on the other end of this as well. I try to encourage more friends to go for longer distances or make the switch to trails. I give advice when I feel qualified as well.


My currents goal is to improve my 50 miler time. If that goes well I will definitely sign up for a 100 miler next year!


@annette_stevens on instagram and Annie Stevens on Facebook

Annette Stevens
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