2015 Georgia Death Race


$1,000 to overall male/female

$500 2nd

$200 3rd


To register go to :



WHEN: March 14-15, 2015

5 am to 5 am


WHERE: Starting in Vogel State Park, finishing in Amicalola State Park (GA)


WHO: To qualify for the GDR you must have run an official 50k or longer race within 365 days of the GDR and or you must have finished an OCR/adventure event lasting 12 hours or more. Questions about qualifiers may be sent to Sean@RunBumTours.com


REGISTRATION: 2015 race is sold out with no wait list

*NO Refunds, Transfers, or deferments. NO EXCEPTIONS.*


UTMB Qualifier. 3 points!!!


2015 GDR is sold out. Check out 2016. Reg opens September 2015

The Georgia Death Race is a point-to-point ultramarathon trail race in North Georgia. The race is 68ish miles  with close to 40,000 feet of elevation change, starting at Vogel State Park and finishing at Amicalola Falls State Park. Starting the race at 5:00 a.m. allows runners of all speeds to be on top of Duncan Ridge on the Duncan Ridge Trail for the sunrise. From here you will see the sun rise over the back of Brasstown Blad, the highest point in Georgia. With the leaves off the trees the sunrise will light up the surrounding mountains and valleys that make up Northern Georgia. This, in it self, makes it worth it to run the race. The first 8 miles has close to 3,500 feet of elevation change. Including the 2,300 ft climb over 3.8 miles up to the summit of Coosa Bald.

Other course highlights include views from random points along the trail of mountains as far as you can see, the Toccoa Swinging Bridge, Amicalola Falls, the remote Benton Mackaye and Duncan Ridge Trails, and a beautiful wide open field with close to unobstructed views of the mountains some 37 miles in. Not to mention this race is hard as nails.

While the point of the race is for it to be hard, the real reason for this race is to showcase the North Georgia Mountain trails as well as create an experience that you will never forget. The sheer beauty of this race masks the difficulty of the terrain.

Included in the entry fee are 10 fully stocked aid stations in the middle of no where, a 68 mile point to point course, a unique tee, some photos (if our photographers take photos of you), a Death Race Spike (only if you finish), hot meal (catered) and warm place to hang out/crash at the finish (at group shelter #3), and everything else that comes with doing a 68 mile course in the mountains.


HERE IS THE GPS DATA ON THE ENTIRE COURSE Not including the new trails the last 25 miles of the course.



$100 cash prize for whomever picks up the most trash on the course.





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This was a runner-submitted, approximate map of the 2013 course... For 2015, some modifications will be made, so stay tuned!


Pre-race video from 2013:

From the 2013 GDR Race Reports:



" I enjoyed nearly every single moment of this race. The course was AWESOME even the parts I as cursing. I really like what you’ve done here, Run Bum! A beautiful and really challenging course a key aspects in any successful ultramarathon. I may even call this my favorite ultra I’ve ever run. DEFINITELY the perfect first 100k for me! " -Rachel Corrigan


"The Georgia Death Race was fantastically beautiful and went remarkably well..." -Lee Conner


"The GDR community was great. A facebook event page made for playful banter before the race and the small field had that ultra-family feel. I think the vast majority of ultras should stay like that. Sean RunBum did a great job for a first year ultra." -Rudy Rutemiller

"No race has ever hurt so much, or felt so rewarding to me... March 16 in Georgia, however, I learned how much I can really suffer, and apparently I can suffer quite a bit... When I collapsed into that chair at the finish line, I knew I had worked my ass off for the finish." -Guy Love


"Childbirth was far easier than the GDR." -A few female finishers from 2013


"Georgia Death Race, I now know why it’s called this, I felt like death hit me with a baseball bat by the time I finished the race.  It seems the State of Georgia does not believe in switch backs.  I went into the race thinking that it can’t be as hard as the race director is making it out to be….boy I was wrong!" -Marc Griffin


"The race was well done. The terrain was extremely challenging and beautiful. The aid stations workers and radio operators were all friendly and helpful.  The course was exceptionally well marked and whenever I started to worry if I was in the right place I found a marker." -Denise Davis






If there is anything else please email RunBum411@gmail.com



Start: Vogel State Park Visitors Center  5:00 AM SHARP

Finish: Amicalola Falls State Park Visitors Center


How to get there:

Closest airport is Atlanta Harsfield International Airport whichi is aprox 2 hours 15 mins from Vogel.


Vogel State Park

405 Vogel State Park Rd,

Blairsville, GA 30512

(706) 745-2628


Amicalola Falls State Park

418 Amicalola Falls Lodge Road
Dawsonville, GA 30534




The race

The race is  68 ish miles in length with 40,000  ft of elevation change.

 Again ALL distance is approximate. So please do not come up to use before or after the race frustrated about distance. We will call you a little girl in front of everyone!


The course is as follows and you can see this on National Geographic Map 777:


Start at Vogel State Park in Blairsville, Ga

Head counter clockwise on the Coosa Backcountry Trail

At the Duncan Ridge Trail take a hard right.

Follow this until Rhodes Mountain and the intersection with the Benton Mackaye Trail.

Turn right onto the Benton Mackaye Trail.

Hit Skeenah Gap on the BMT and turn around.

Head back up to Rhodes Mountain and turn right on the BMT/DRT

Head over Highway GA 60

Take the FS road 816 on the other side of GA 60.

Follow this until you hit the BMT/DRT again.

Turn right onto the BMT/DRT.

At the big field turn HARD left and down to a T gate.

Follow the road on the other side of the T gate. This is FS 251B

251B dead ends into FS 251. Turn Right and follow this until it dead ends into FS 58

Turn LEFT at FS 58 (Noontala Rd) and head up hill.


At the 4 way intersection (Winding Stair Gap) head Diagonally right and down the other side following FS 77.

Coming down FS 77 you will  go 3.5 miles and turn RIGHT to SINGLE TRACK to now use the Jake/Bull mountain trails. You turn RIGHT onto Jones Creek Dam Trail (223E on your right) then right onto Jones Creek Ridge Trail a mile later.  

Then take a left onto to FS83 and 223F. 223F will take runners back to FS 83. Runners turn RIGHT on FS 83 and then RIGHT onto FS 28-1. (This section is best understood looking at a map!)


Runners then turn RIGHT onto Nimblewill Church Rd. They then follow this road as it changes names to Nimblewill Gap Rd and then turns into FS 28-2. At Nimblewill Gap runners turn LEFT onto FS 46 and then go aprox 1 mile and turn left onto a gravel road. This will take them to the Lenn Foote Hike Inn where they will take the Hike Inn trail back to Amicalola Falls State Park and head to the East Ridge Trail. Then turn right down the approach trail to the back of the Visitors Center. Then they turn right to go up to Shelter #2 aka the finish.

***Course subject to change


Again you can see this on the National Geographic Map 777 and on the Garmin Data


What to know when pacing it:

First 8 miles is 4,000 ft of elevation change.

First 38 miles has about 27,000 ft of elevation change.

Then you have 8 miles of rolling FS road

Now you have a hard down hill on single track/ old dirt road beds.

At mile 52 you hit Jake Bull. Its 3 miles of flat on pavement/gravel then you start the 4 ish mile HELL climb up to the top of Nimblewill Gap

Every runner can tell you this is the hardest climb of the entire course. It never ends!

Then from Nimblewill its 6 miles of flat/downhill into the park. Then its 1,000 ft down in the last mile down the East Ridge Trail in Amicalola

State Park to the finish.



Aid Station locations:

Mile 9 Wolfpen gap (long way until this first aid station so PLEASE make sure you have enough food/water for 2-3 hours when you start)

Mile 15 Mulky Gap (crew access) FULL AID PLEASE FILL EVERYTHING UP! You have a minor stop in 2.5miles and then a LONG way unaided. 

Mile 17.5 Fish Gap (water/bananas/coke only PLEASE STOCK UP! IT IS A LONG WAY UNTIL THE NEXT AID STATION!!!

Mile 21 ish water drop (you are allowed to fill one 22oz bottle of water!)

Mile 28 Point Bravo (crew access)

Mile 32.7 Sapling Gap Aid Station

Mile 40 Big Bald (MINOR AID STATION! Water and PB N J only!)

Mile 45 Winding Stair Gap (crew access)

Mile 53 Jake Bull (crew access)

Mile 61 Nimblewill

Mile 68 ish Finish


For mid pack runners aid stations are 1:30 -3 hours apart so please make sure everything is full when you leave each aid station!


Aid stations will contain most of the following





pb n j





NO GELS or PACKAGED FOODS as we are a green race!

basically this is all normal aid station fare


Each aid station will be different with what it has so start with as much of your comfort foods as you can.. ie gels etc... if you are picky.




Mandatory Gear:

You need this for check in as well as to have ALL of this fo the duration of the course including headlamps! We will do random gear checks which could result in disqualification from the race!


1 weather proof jacket (HIGHLY recommended seam sealed jacket)

1 thermal top

1 warm hat (beanie or buff)

1 whistle

1 working headlamp or torch with extra batteries

1 capacity for carry water (minimum 22oz)/getting water at aid stations

1 space blanket



Dropping out:

You can only drop at the following places if not you will die/will not have a ride out!!!

Mulky Gap aid station mile 13

Skeenah Gap mile 21.5

Point Bravo Mile 28

Jake Bull Mile 53

So realize that if you think you may not make it from mile 28-53 then you need to drop then and there!!!

AS WITH MOST RACES... if you drop you are now low priority. Runners take priority unless you have a life

threatening emergency. So prepare to wait. This means you need to stay warm, keep calm and continued

to eat/hydrate. Try to get a ride with some of the crews. We will have 1 van that will take everyone at the

end of when the aid station closes. This could be 3-4 hours just FYI. This is again why it is important to

run smart!!!



We encourage ALL runners to have a crew or share a crew. This is EXTREMELY helpful if you have to drop or need extra attention that our

already busy volunteers can not help you with.

Crew may access runners at the following aid stations


Mile 15 Mulky Gap

Mile 28 Point Bravo

Mile 45 Winding Stair Gap

Mile 53 Jake Bull

Mile 68 Finish


Directions to each aid station


First of all please buy National Geographic Map 777 as google maps doesnt work the best for these logging roads.

NOTE: these directions are for the crew to follow the runner though the race.


Mulky gap from Vogel

Turn LEFT onto to US 129 and go aprox 5 miles. Turn LEFT onto Owltown Rd. Go aprox 6 miles and turn LEFT onto Mulky Gap Rd. Follow this for 6 miles as it goes from paved to dirt. At the top of the gap there will be a trail sign and the trial goes straight across the road.


Skeenah Gap from Mulky Gap

34 mins drive time

Head back towards Vogel/Blairsville on Mulky Gap Rd. Go 2.7 miles from the gap and then turn LEFT onto Hicks Rd. After 3 miles it dead ends into Blue Ridge Hwy. TURN LEFT. Go 1 mile and turn LEFT onto Skeenah Gap Rd. Go 4.3 miles and look for the trail head on your left. DO NOT PARK HERE!!! IT IS AGAINST OUR PERMIT! Please drive 1/4 mile past and park in the church parking lot on your left. Then walk back up.


Point Bravo from Skeenah Gap

Drive time 6 minutes

Turn left onto Skeenah Gap Rd. Go aprox 6 miles and turn LEFT onto GA 60. Go 2.5 miles and the trail will corss the road. There is parking on your left and right. DO NOT BLOCK THE GRAVEL FS ROAD OR ANY DRIVE WAYS!


Winding Stair Gap From Point Bravo


50 mins drive time

This is best to have the National Geographic 777 map if not you will probably get lost.

Head North on Ga 60 towards Blue Ridge. Go 3 miles and turn LEFT onto Doublehead Gap Rd. Heres where its tricky... go until the road turns to dirt and then go over a slight eft to FS 58 about 6 miles in?? Follow this until you hit Winding Stair Gap. Note you will pass the Spring Mountain Parking lot and over the Appalachian Trail if you look hard enough. Winding Stair gpa is maybe 3 miles past the Springer Parking lot. Its where 4 roads come together. You can not miss it! Runners come from your left and drop down to your right.


Jake/Bull from Winding Stair Gap

Go down FS 77 aka down the steep hill that follows the race course. Head aprox 7.5 miles down the road. At one point you will bear SLIGHT right to go onto FS 28-1 even though this will really be the same road. Take a right on FS 83. It will be on your right before you hit Nimblewill Church Rd aprox 7 miles down from Winding Stair Gap. Aproximately 2 miles up you will dead end into a field the aid station will be on the far right side of the field. DO NOT BLOCK THE ROAD OR PARK ON THE CLOSE SIDE OR MIDDLE!!! There are tons of folks who use the field for horse trailer parking and mtb parking. They have asked we park on the far side hugging the tree line. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY as there will be runners on 77 for the first 3.5 miles and runners on 83 the entire time!!!



Finish from Jake/Bull

Head up 28-1 the way the race goes. Turn RIGHT onto Nimblewill Church Rd and go .1 miles. TURN LEFT onto Nimblewill Church Rd. This will dead end into GA 52 in 2 miles or so. TURN RIGHT onto Ga 52. Go 6.8 miles and turn RIGHT into Amicalola Falls State Park. Head through the gate and into the park. Pass the visitors center on your right, look for a covered group shelter. This is the finish area. plase pay all park fees and obey all rules.



Safety runners:

This is not a pacer!

If you want to be eligible for prizes/top 5 then you may not use a safety runner. If you do then you will be moved out of the top 5 and not given any prize money etc. 

You are allowed one safety runner at a time starting at mile 45(Windsing Stair Gap AS) onwards. This is Winding Stair Gap. You may in no way shape or form have a pacer before then. We have a permit limit for people on the Benton Mackaye Trail and we can not have ANYONE else on there!

Pacers are running on their own accord and we are not responsible for them WHAT SO EVER!


Drop Bags:

Drop bags will be taken to the following places during the race.  We will collect drop bags for JAKE BULL at the packet pick up the ngiht beofre the race only!!! We will collect Point Bravo drop bags the morning of the race at the start at Vogel. PLEASE LABEL IT WITH YOUR NAME, # and where you want it to go!

Point Bravo mile 28 ish

Jake / Bull Mile 52 ish


Please allow all the runners to come through before we collect drop bags and bring them to the finish. Do not put anyhting of value in there you are not prepared to lose. Anything perishable/ we think is of no value will be thrown away/ donated to charity. ipso facto if you put stuff in a drop bag... we are not responsible and you may not get it back!



Cut off times

Point Bravo mile 28. 11 hours

Winding Stair Gap mile 45 =  16 hours

Jake Bull mile 52 = 18 hours

Nimblewill mile 61 = 20.5 hours

Finish 24 hours

Subject to change however the RD sees fit

The RD and any race staff reserves the right to pull any racer at any time for any reason.


Where to stay

Vogel State Park and Amicalola State Park BOTH have some amazing cabins. Amicalola has the lodge which is an EPIC place to stay.

You then also have hotels in Blairsville some 6 miles down the road from Vogel State Park.

If you have some stuff at the start we can transport it to the finish in your drop bag pile.


The shuttle

It is $15 to take the shuttle as we are renting buses. This is purchased through ultra sign up or at the race start/finish.

You will be given a ticket to hand to the bus driver. No ticket no ride.

The shuttle takes you from the finish to the start BEFORE THE RACE!!!

The shuttle will ONLY leave at the following times to return to the start.

3:30-3:45 am

There will only be 4 buses so if you miss this then you hae to drive to the start and may not find a ride back after the race.





After you finish we have a heated/dry finishing area.



Don't dos

This is a list of dumb things people did last year:

Don't leave your car keys in a drop bag unless its the finish drop bag

Don't have your flight leave until late Sunday or Monday. We had 2 people miss flights because the race took

them 6 hours longer than thet anticipated!

Don't put anything of value in your drop bag as we are not responsible.

Don't litter

Don't be a jerk to the volunteers



March weather in the N Ga mtns is UPREDICTIBLE at best. It could be in the 70s or could be snowing so please bring all the extra gear with you and decide the night before the race what you are going to wear.



Weekend Schedule

Friday March 13th, 2015 at Amicalola Falls State Park Lodge

5-7 pm: Packet pick up and MANDATORY PRE RACE MEETING at 6 pm or 7pm.

Catered dinner to those who come. Jim's Smokin Que aka the best bbq in the world! this is free with your entry.

At covered group shelter by the lake at Vogel State Park




No race day packet pick up

Pre race check in at start 4:30am-4:50

5 am race start or as we call it the beginning of the end of you




12 noon  awards at finish line






No litering

No going off course

No cutting course

No dropping at aid stations other than Point Bravo, Skeenah Gap and Jake/Bull.

No abuse to anyone involved with the race

You must follow all laws and traffic laws

You must help an injured runner

No being a jerk



WE NEED VOLUNTEERS. IT TAKES 75 volunteers to put on this race!