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20week 50k Training Calendar


Did you read through our 50k training plan and are READY TO GET TO TRAINING??

Download PDF

We have a two options to access our training calendar. First, you can download the 3 page PDF below.

20week 50k Training Calendar - Google Sheets
Download PDF • 120KB


This sheet was designed by us, for our OWN training plans and curated just for you! We are giving you access to VIEW the Google Sheet. From here you will be able to select all the cells, and copy / paste into your own Google Sheet, Excel, or Apple Numbers spreadsheet. Follow the link below to view!

Here you can utilize the notes section. Take notes after each run about perceived effort, how your body feels, etc.

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2 comentarios

thank you very much for the training plan . I have been introduce to trail running and I love it !! new to your podcast too, very helpful and informative as well as fun to listen to.

Me gusta

04 oct 2023

Thank you so much for the plan and the training info! I'm excited about running Cloudland Canyon in December and will use this as a guide!

Me gusta
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