Wild Florida 120 Miler


February 19, 2021 3:00 PM



Race Schedule & Information

Packet Pickup:


Take Note!!

All runners must read and sign the Florida Wildlife Commission Release and Waiver in order to run the Wild Florida 120. If we do not have your signed release, you will not be allowed to participate in the race.

Click Here to access the Release and Waiver. Read it, print it, sign it, and bring the signed copy with you.

Bring all mandatory gear and drop bags to packet pickup!


Aid Stations

Aid stations will have water, Coke, Gatorade, peanut butter and jelly, salt, cookies etc. There will be hot food at every other aid station. Look for cheese tortillas, bacon, broth, hamburgers, and pizza slices.

If you will need ANYTHING besides water and Gatorade between aid stations, then grab it from the aid station, and put it in your pack. 

Course Markings

The course follows the Florida Trail. The Wild Florida 120 will use approximately 107 miles of the Florida Trail. The Florida Trail is well marked with VERTICAL ORANGE RECTANGLE blazes. When you are on the Florida Trail there will be NO additional flagging or markers. 

It is your responsibility to not get lost. The  Florida Trail sometimes takes random 90 and 180 degree turns. 

Check the Guthook Map App to verify you are on course. (See below on mandatory gear). The Florida Trail is infrequently traveled but is well maintained. You must navigate using the trail blazes and your Guthook Map App! The Guthook App is your friend. Look ahead on the map to see when a major turn is coming up.

There are two sections of the race where you will divert off the Florida Trail. On those sections we will have course markings, flagging, and signs. 

On Course Shuttles


Mandatory Gear - Bring to Packet Pickup

Running pack with 2 Liter minimum water capacity

Space blanket

Headlamp with spare batteries

Smartphone and a power pack to recharge on the trail. 

The smartphone must have Guthook Trail Map application installed with the Central Florida section downloaded. The app is available for iOS and Android. Make sure you have the app open at the start of the race. You can then use airplane mode to save battery. The GPS in your smartphone (depending on model) should work even in airplane mode. 

Safety Runners


Crew Information


Drop Bags

If you are riding the shuttle, bring your drop bag to the shuttle, otherwise bring to the start.

YOU MUST clearly mark drop bags with your name, bib number, and the LOCATION(S) where you want your drop bags.

We will do our best to get the drop bags back to the finish in time for you get your bag. In some cases the aid stations may not close before you finish. You may have to travel back to the aid station and pick up your drop bag.  We do not mail drop bags back to the owner! If you drop or miss a cut off, it is your responsibility to pick up your drop bag. Think about what you want in your drop bag. Keep it simple and necessary.

Event Rules

* No cutting the course 

* Obey all traffic laws, regulations, and parking rules at all times 

* Runners must stop to help any injured runner 

* No removing flagging, markers, or directional signs

* Runners may leave a bag at the finish line

* If you drop from the race you must turn in your bib at the nearest aid station and notify the AS volunteers.

* All cut off times WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED to ensure the safety of all runners and race staff.

Course is subject to change, as are cutoffs, or any and all details about the race.

No refunds, transfers, or deferments. If race is stopped or canceled for ANY reason there will be no refunds.


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