Crew Driving Directions Information

If you are crewing for your runner and will be driving in sequence from aid station to aid station, see the chart below. There are map links and turn by turn directions on the PDF version. The maps show the route to follow to get from point to point. If you try to find your own way you will run into locked gates and/or private roads!!! Then you will have to back track and you may miss your runner.

Click HERE for a downloadable PDF file showing the routes in sequence order and links to the maps.

Note: There are two points where runners must be shuttled from an aid station to a drop off point. This is for runner safety to avoid busy roads. At the first shuttle, runners can be shuttled by crew or the race shuttle. At the second shuttle, the runner must be shuttled by a race volunteer. Make sure your runner is scanned at both the pick up and the drop off points.

The first shuttle point is KICCO AS#5 to the drop-off point on FL Hwy 60.

It is approximately 10 minutes and 7 miles to the drop off point. 

The second is Williams Rd AS #8 to the stile crossing on Hwy 441. It is approximately 10 minutes and 3 miles to the drop off point. 

Food and Gas for Crew

Be advised! The total driving distance for crews following their runners will be 220 miles!

There are basically three spots to get fuel and food. Look for that information on the PDF file turn by turn maps. 


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