Wild Florida 120 Course Map & Aid Station Matrix

During the race use the Guthook App - Central Florida - for navigation on the Florida Trail.

The following course map is for additional information and showing a complete track with aid station locations. (current as of 14 December 2019). Course is subject to change. Any changes to the course will be posted here with an update date. There are three places where you will divert off the Florida Trail. Look for signs and markers at Williams Rd and in the Bull Creek Wildlife Management Area.

Please note: For your safety there are two points (approximately 10 miles of the course) where you will be shuttled to keep runners off busy roadways. When looking at the map - look for the sections on Florida Hwy 60 (7miles) and Florida 441 (3 miles) for the shuttles. Zoom in on the map to see aid station and shuttle points. Runners may be transported by their crew at the first shuttle stop. At the second shuttle, runners must be shuttled by a race volunteer. 

Scan the QR code with your phone QR reader to load the map.


The Aid Station Matrix is also subject to change. Note the update date in the upper left hand corner of the document. To download a PDF version click HERE


Click HERE for Crew Driving Directions

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