Run Bum Volunteer Race Entries  — 6/17/2020

Discounted entries for RunBum Races (discount amounts are normally 100% of the price of a paid entry)

1. If you volunteer for 8 hours or more at a single race, you can get one (1) discounted entry to any race of 50 miles or less that is not sold out.
2. If you volunteer for 12 hours or more at a single race, you can get one (1) discounted entry to any race of 100 miles or less (Does NOT include Wild Florida 120, Georgia Death Race, or UTE 100) that is not sold out.
3. If you volunteer for 12 hours or longer at the Wild Florida 120, Chattanooga 100, or Ute 100, you get a discount entry to that race BEFORE it sells out or you can get a free entry to any other Run Bum race that isn’t sold out. (except GDR). For example: If you volunteer for 13 hours for the UTE 100, then you get a free entry to the following year’s UTE 100. This is only good for the following year. You cannot skip a year.

4. You must enter your volunteer hours information into the Volunteer Verification Form

General Information

You may use your discount entry for up to one (1) year past the volunteering event. This is one year from the registration opening date, not the race date.
For example: You volunteer March 1, 2020 for 8 hours at a race. You then want to run a race in November 2021, which is 1 year  past your volunteer date. The registration opens February 25, 2021. This is okay, you can register for that race 
because the registration date is within the year of volunteering.

You must meet any eligibility requirements for a race.

If volunteer hours  are required to RUN a race, you cannot use those SAME hours to redeem a race entry!

Hours are not transferable to another person.

To Redeem a Race Entry

You must send an email to within one week of a race going on sale (not sooner or later) notifying us of your intention.

In the subject line enter - Request to Redeem Volunteer Race Entry. In the body of the email enter - your name, phone number and the race name and distance for which you are requesting entry.


Once a race goes on sale and sells out, you cannot get into the race. So please help us help you. We will verify your information before sending you the discount notification.
We do not send you a code. We set a up a discounted entry using the email address listed in your Ultrasignup account. When the race goes on sale simply register and you will see the discounted upon checkout.

Georgia Death Race Volunteering (See additional information on the GDR page)
You can bypass the lottery for the Georgia Death Race, if and only if, you volunteer for 8 hours or longer at the Georgia Death Race.

You can use the GDR volunteer time to bypass the following year’s lottery. This is only good for the following year. You may not skip years.

To bypass the lottery, you must to send an email to one week before the race goes on sale. (not sooner or later). Bypassing the lottery, is NOT a free entry into GDR. You must pay the registration fee. You may use GDR volunteering to either bypass the GDR lottery or get a free entry to a different Run Bum race as outlined above, but NOT both.