Ute 100 Mile - Race Information & Rules


The Ute 100 mile and 50 mile trail race is an ultra-marathon in the La Sal mountains of Southern Utah. Utah's highest races of any distance!  The 50 mile just runs the first 50 miles of the 100 which is by far the hardest and the most scenic. Both races take you from high desert to alpine meadows to scree peaks and back. Run. Through aspen groves, by alpine lakes and through the flowers blooming in the meadows. You might get lucky and see some elk. The La Sal Mountain range is the second highest range in Utah. It is remote and rugged. Just like this race. This race is perfect for someone who wants to really test themselves while also taking in the beauty. On clear days you can see the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. You must be pretty self sufficient for this race. The trails can be rocky and exposed. Theres longer distances between aid stations. This is not a hold your hand kind of race. IF you can deal with this this you will be rewarded immensely with views. The high point of this race is Manns Peak at 12,272 ft. You will have about 1.5 miles of scree along the top which is simply unparalleled. We designed this course to be breathtaking above all else. Hope to see you this August in Moab.


**Policy for the 2020 race rescheduling for those who were registered when the event got canceled due to covid**
Runners who were registered for the the 2020 race can roll their entry over free of charge to 2021, 2022, or 2023. 
Step 1
If you want to run this year you must email mailto:info@runbumtours.com before the race is on sale. Then you have until the race is sold out to get into the race. If you don't want to run this year don't email. We still have your stuff. Email us when you want to run. 
Step 2
We send you an invitation on ultra sign up which is good for 1 week after we send it. You follow the link and register for free from the email address it was sent to. If you didn’t get it within 3 days email back because something is wrong but please check your junk folder. Discount is applied on check out. It is 100% free unless you want add ons. 
Step 3
You can run either the 50 miler or 100 miler. IF you're not sure you can always drop down until the drop down date is reached a couple weeks out or so from the race. However, we will not allow people to jump up in distance. This is because running 100 miles requires we buy extra buckles, food and swag. To get things to Moab takes months and is extremely costly. 
Step 4
You have until February 15th each year to drop out and roll it over to the next year but all the above applies. If the race is sold out and you want in, It's too late.  
Step 5
Train your butt off and come have a fun race! We love you and want you here! I really hope everyone can make it back out to run this race!

Sean Blanton 
Race Director



Rock Castle Campground
38.596386, 109.286384
Drive up Castle Valley and one half mile past the right turn to La Sal Loop road. The entrance to the campground is on the LEFT.
It's a 45 minute drive from Moab


This 2021 reroute is a looped race so the finish line is also the start line.

Weekend Schedule

Friday, TBD

Packet Pick-up and Gear Check

*** ALL RUNNERS MUST PICK UP PACKETS FRIDAY 4-8 pm in Moab at a place TBD.***

To get your  race bib, you must present a valid government I.D. and show the volunteer the required gear
To make this fast and easy, put only the required gear in a large clear plastic bag, so that everything is visible
If you don't have your gear or are missing an item, the volunteer will ask you to go get the required items and return to gear check. Once the volunteer sees you have everything, we'll tag your pack and you can obtain your bib

You can only get a bib in person with a VALID government I.D.  You cannot get a bib/shirt for a friend or get a bib the morning of the race!!!
Runners will get a crew pass (one per runner) which will allow ONE vehicle access to crew accessible aid stations and the starting area. The crew access pass must be visible in the vehicle to avoid being ticketed, towed, or the runner DQ'd. Thank you for helping us with this. 
Runners will get one safety runner bib which they can use from mile 51. (Miner's Rd AS #5)
If you have a drop bag, bring to packet pick-up on Friday. 
We will review any last minute changes, safety, aid stations, safety runners and general Q&A.  If you show up race morning and did not pick up your bib and attend the pre-race meeting on Friday, you will not be allowed to participate!  We are serious about this!

Saturday TBD

Check-in at the start. This is a mandatory re-check. Every runner will be scanned / marked off as part of the check in process. This is to make sure no one is dead or missing in the mountains.  Make sure a check-in volunteer, puts a check by your bib/name and your are scanned into LiveTrail.
Race starts at 5:00 AM sharp.


2021 Reroute information

What is the difference from the normal route to this?
First of all, we have just as much gain, you hit the highest and hardest climbs on this route, twice. There's about 5,000 ft more gain and same loss. There is more dirt road and more paved road, about 20 more miles total of roads. This will likely even out  your pace or make you faster een with the elevation difference. COLD WEATHER! This race could easily be in snow. The average high is about 80 degrees at the low point and 60 degrees at the high point. The average low is 50 degrees at the low point and just over freezing at the high point. Keep in mind this is the desert so humidity is low and temps don't feel as extreme as those humid areas many of you come from.

Mandatory gear for ALL runners!
1. Weather proof Jacket
2. Space Blanket
3. Cell phone
4. GPX of the course on phone or watch or trail run project app loaded with the route on there
5. headlamp to be carried at all times with spare batteries
6. 1L capacity for water
7. warm hat... beanie or such, hats don't count
*If sub 40 degree temps are predicted, we will require a thermal layer and warm gloves.



There is a 40:00 hour total time limit with individual aid station cutoffs. The cutoffs are tighter at first, then loosen up as you get closer to the finish. It is YOUR responsibility to know these time limits. We DO NOT recommend basing your distance solely on GPS devices. GPS devices can vary in accuracy. If you are riding cutoffs then be prepared to not make a cutoff. Please do not get angry with a volunteer if you do not make a cutoff time and are asked to stop. You must turn in your bib if you do not  make a cut off. These are STRICT cutoffs and are for leaving the aid station, not getting to the aid station. AGAIN all cutoff times are for you LEAVING the aid station.

Dropping Out

If you drop at an aid station where there is no crew access, you will have to wait until the aid station closes to catch a ride back to the finish area. If you drop out, you must notify the AS Captain. This will help us account for all runners and ensure no runner is left out on the course.


Please note that there will be road crossings / you will be running on a major road that may not have crossing marshals. This could be during the daylight or during the night. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING YOUR SAFETY WHEN CROSSING A ROAD.
If you or another runner has a LIFE THREATENING emergency please dial 911. Sometimes the closest aid station is behind you.


The weather is a dominant factor for this run and can be as formidable as the terrain, remoteness, or high altitude. The average temperatures range between 45 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Expect cool mornings, and cold nights. Daytime temperatures can be hot, 90+, especially on the Jimmy Keen, and Pinhook Valley loops. Also the last 15 miles of the race will be extremely hot and fully exposed. EXTRA WATER! 

The typical daily weather cycle is as follows:  The morning will start out cool with blue skies. As the day warms up, thunderheads will build quickly. Around noon, intense electrical thunderstorms may commence, continuing until late afternoon or evening, at which time the thunderstorms abate until the next morning. The LaSal mountains are typical of the nearby Colorado mountain ranges. The Colorado Mountain Club advises climbers in Colorado's mountains to be off the peaks by noon.

Depending on your position on the course, you must use extreme caution. During inclement weather you may have to run above your comfortable pace to get through a section before a storm hits, or you may have to stop and seek shelter and wait it out.  Remember that the time limit is 40 hours. The cutoffs allow for slower paces during the last 20 miles of the race.  These slower paces are a buffer that may be used by the Race Director to add some time to some cutoffs if he sees fit. The long time limit is not only in recognition of the difficult terrain, but also allows runners to wait out thunderstorms or other life-threatening weather during the race.  If you are pinned down, chances are that other runners are too. Your position in the field will probably not change. Use the time wisely - eat, drink, stay warm, and rest. You will be able to run faster when the storm has passed.

At the discretion of the Race Director, Aid Station Captains can hold runners if weather conditions are considered too dangerous to continue. Several runners in other races around the country have been struck by lightening. DO NOT BE THAT PERSON! We will continually communicate warnings, cautions, updates, and suggestions regarding the exposure you will face when attempting this run.
In the event of severely inclement weather, the race may be cancelled, or an alternate rain route, using mainly USFS roads may be required.  We will do our best to have the original race route, however, no refunds or deferments will be given for any reason. Thank you for understanding.



No cutting the course
Don’t be a jerk
No littering
Listen and follow all instructions from race staff / volunteers / medical personnel
You may only receive aid within 100 feet of an aid station that allows crew access
Trekking poles are allowed!
The RD has sole discretion of administration of any violations of the rules, ranging from a time penalty, up to and including disqualification.

Aid Stations

We will have typical aid station fare at most aid stations. This means cookies, bananas, peanut butter and jelly, chips, Gatorade, Ginger Ale, Coke, etc. No gels or pre packaged foods. 

Some aid stations will have hot food. Most likely ramen, bacon, grilled cheese, quesadillas, broth

If you have food or insect allergies, and you normally carry an “epi-pen”, make sure you have it with you during the race.

Drop Bags

BRING ALL DROP BAGS TO PACKET PICK-UP. A volunteer will be on hand to direct you to the drop bag area. 


Drop bags may not be larger than a small back pack. If you show up with a big plastic bin, duffle bag or overly large bag, then we will not take it to the drop-off point. You should have a bag that has room for one (1) pair of shoes, a couple layers of clothing and some nutrition. 

Drop bags will be returned to the finish once that aid station closes. This could be hours after you finish or the next day. We will bring all drop bags to the finish until the end of the race. After that e will bring back to Moab.  We cannot mail drop bags post-race  All unclaimed drop bags will be either donated or disposed of.

Safety Runner:

Check the the crew information page for safety runner locations. Runners are allowed one (1) safety runner at a time.

They are not allowed to carry food, gear, water etc. for you. (no muling) 

The safety runner must wear the required bib that matches the runner's bib number. Note: Safety runners must have the same required gear as their runner!


Only one crew vehicle is allowed per runner. If you have a crew , you will receive a crew vehicle display card, to be placed in plain view on the dash of the crew vehicle. Crew vehicle display cards can be picked up at the packet pick-up. You must have a crew vehicle display card before heading out to crew accessible aid stations.


Post race food

No post race food. Just beer. Moab is 15 minutes down the road and has way better options than us trying to keep food ready in the middle of the desert under full sun in Moab

Where To Stay

Moab. Find a hotel of your liking.