Ute 100 Crew Information

Note as of 11/1/2019: aid station and crew information will be updated at a later date.



Only one crew vehicle is allowed per runner.  Runners will receive a crew vehicle display card for their crew. The crew card is to be placed in plain view on the dash of the crew vehicle. Crew vehicle display cards will be given to runners Friday evening at the packet pick-up. You must have a crew vehicle display card before heading out to crew accessible  aid stations and the start area.

Note regarding road conditions: Nearly all the roads on this course are graded gravel. A vehicle other than a car is best for conditions. (SUV, Crossover, Pickup). There are narrow curves, washboard sections, and in the event of rain, will become muddy, sticky, and slippery.  There will likely be livestock on the roads. Drive with caution! PARK ONLY IN DESIGNATED AREAS. 

  • Crews may only visit designated aid stations listed on the Aid Station Matrix below

  • If your runner drops from the race, the bib must be turned in at the nearest aid station where they drop, and you or the runner must notify a volunteer at that aid station.

  • Please realize that we will do our best to keep your runner safe, on course, and set to finish this race. So please help us by adhering to the rules. 

  • The Moab East Recreation Topo Map from Latitude40maps.com is the best map for the area

Note 11/1/2019: aid station and crew information will be posted at a later date.

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