Shadows of the South 100/50 Mile Overview

The 50 Mile race is 100% on the 100 mile course! 
100 Mile course is from Otto, Nc all the way to South Carolina one way with less than 1 mile of pavement and only 2 miles are repeated. What we call simply “The MOST SCENIC 100 mile on the East Coast”.  The 50 miler has 15,000 feet of gain and 15,000 feet of loss. This is a  hard course with a ton of beauty! 


Saturday April 23, 2022 4:00 AM


Race starts in Otto, North Carolina at the Hickory Knoll Trailhead for the Bartram trail. However you are not allowed to leave a car at the start due to extremely limited parking.  There is a shuttle for purchase from the finish line to the start which is $25 per person and must be purchased on Ultrasignup by April 1st OR someone can drop you off. Your crew if you have one or friends must drop you off and leave you. because of parking and no shoulder on the road etc you can't wait in the car or wait around, so think of it as a kiss and drop. They are working on more parking and hopefully we will have this next year.


You can ride the shuttle to the start line. You have until April 1st to decide and purchase it on Ultrasignup, if you have not added it by then we will assume you have a ride to the start line.

Addresses to get on the shuttle to ride to the start line:


For the 50 Miler 

Camp Rainy Mountain 

1494 Rainey Mountain Road, Clayton, GA 30525

There is a $5 parking fee at Camp Rainy Mountain so please bring exact change, thank you!

Weekend Schedule:

Packet Pickup at TBD from 4:00 - 7:00 PM (non-mandatory as there will be race day packet pickup as well)

Race Day Packet Pickup will be at the start line after the shuttle ride or after you are dropped off. 

50 Mile

50 mile race starts in Otto, NC at the Hickory Knoll Trail Head
All runners will be required to take the shuttle to the start and no crews are allowed at start this year. 
Shuttle leaves from finish line at Camp Rainey Mountain in Clayton, GA. All runners need to pay for shuttle which will be added at check out. 

50 Mile cutoff is 17 hours.

100 Mile

100 Mile cutoff is 38 hours.


Aid Stations

We will have 7 aid stations on the 50 mile and ___ on the 100 mile.


More info coming but as always with Run Bum Races we make everything EPIC! Aid Station food will consist 

of Quesadillas, PB&J, clementines, gatorade, coke, ginger ale, chips, pickles, etc.

Still working on the Aid Stations but here's what we have so far:

50 Mile Aid Station Line Up

START  0.0

JONES GAP AS# 1 mile 9.5

HICKORY KNUT AS# 2 mile 15.5

THE MOUNTAIN- mile 20.0 - drop bag only!

GLEN FALLS AS#3  mile 21.0

HALE RIDGE AS#4 mile 28.0

WILSON GAP AS#5 mile 36.0


WARWOMAN DELL AS#7 mile 48.0

FINISH mile 51.0

100 Mile Aid Station Line Up

Drop Bags


50 Mile - 2 Drop Bags - Drop bags are at The Mountain, and Wilson Gap. No drop bags will be returned. All will be discarded due to lack of volunteers to drive them 90 minutes back to the finish. You get one gallon ziplock or smaller. Please, only put things in them that you don’t care if you get back. 

100 Mile - 

Where to Stay

50 Miler - Clayton, GA is close to the finish and not far from the aid stations. Clayton would be best for a stay on a budget. If you'd like to spend more, try googling Highlands, NC. It's slightly further away but very nice.

100 Miler - NC is centrally located. If you try to find a place close to the start or the finish, the rest of the race/aid stations will be far away. Clayton is an option but far from the finish line.

Special thanks to:

The US Forest Service, Camp Rainey Mountain, Duke Energy and The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center

Y'all, we've been super lenient due to covid but races are happening and bills need to be paid. Unless you're active military, please don't ask - Run Bum Tours does not issue refunds, transfers, or deferments!