Quest for the Crest 50k 

When / Where:

50k - Saturday, May 21, 2022 5:30 AM

Neal's Creek Field

Burnsville, NC 28714

Packet Pickup - Friday May 20, 2022 5:00 - 8:00 PM 

Albert's Lodge  - on the grassy field in the back (please don't park in front, follow the signs to the back)

76 S Toe River Rd

Burnsville, NC 28714

Race Day - Saturday, May 21, 2022

Packet Pick up 3:30 AM - 4:30 AM Race start 5:30 AM

Mandatory shuttle pickup is 4:45 AM departure 

You will be shuttled from Neal's Creek Field  to the race start line and then run the course back to Neal's Creek Field where your car is parked. NO drop offs at the start line, you must take the shuttle. No friends or family at the start line, there is no parking space.

Camping Information

Albert's Lodge

76 S Toe River Rd

Burnsville, NC 28714

If you purchased camping on Ultrasignup. Camping will be at Albert's Inn. Camping is for the 50k only and one car per person. Check in after 5:00 P.M. and check out by 9:00 A.M Sunday. Pick up all trash and be respectful of the other campers.

Food and Lodging

Call Albert's Inn at (828) 675-4691. They have 10 rooms that usually sell out when the race goes  on sale, but they also rent properties in the Toe River Valley. There are a couple of hotels in Burnsville.

There are a couple of nice restaurants within walking distance to Albert's Inn.

1. J & J's Grill -  Best trout and great food with a German twist, to honor Albert himself.

2. Hawtree's Pub & Grill at the Mount Mitchell Golf Club.


Mandatory Gear
1. Headlamp. We start in the dark so you need it but you must keep it with you the entire race. Even if you             finish in the daylight per USFS permit!!! 
2. Charcoal filter. Such as Life Straw, mini-Sawyer or BeFree Katadyn. You must show your filter to receive your bib!  (Tablets and or drops do not count). Every year people don’t think they need it. 60% of the DNF's ran out of water. Even the winners ran out of water between aid stops. Take the few minutes to filter water so you won't run out!

3. Collapsible cup for fluids.

4. Space Blanket

5. Jacket

Drop Bags

Drop bags -

Colbert's AS -  Mile 18

Mt Mitchell - Mile 27

Your drop bags will be collected at the start line. Be sure to legibly label your drop bags with your name, bib number & aid station and then please place them in the correct piles at the start line.  You are allowed a 1 gallon freezer style ziplock bag. We will do our best to bring back the drop bags to the finish line in a timely manner but can’t guarantee you won’t be waiting for a couple hours. We don’t have the capacity to mail / transport them so please do not put anything in them you’re not willing to part with. Thanks! 

Cut Off Times & Pacers

The cutoff time for the 50k is 14.5 hours. Cut off times are SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME for weather, safety, etc, as the race director deems necessary. All cutoff times are for leaving the aid station, not getting to it.

NO Pacers.

Aid Station Info

Bring your own collapsible water container for drinking.

Full aid stations will be stocked with bananas, clementines, Coke, Gatorade, quesadillas, broth, salt & potatoes, chips, PB&J, etc. Lite aid stations will not have any warm food.

Special Notice Regarding Water!!

There are several water sources that runners access along the course. (see locations and descriptions below)

Every  runner will have to filter water. Practice using your water filtration device before the race.

Crew Information

Crews/friends & family are not allowed any where on the course except the shuttle pickup/finish line due to limited parking and our USFS permit.


50k Overview

Quest for the Crest 50k is a point to point 50k race that has 3 major climbs and 3 major down hills. 12,000 ft gain and 12,000 ft loss. This is not remotely easy. If you’ve never run an ultra we can not allow you to run. This is deep end of the pool stuff. However it is insanely beautiful. 

You will park at the finish and everyone must take mandatory shuttle to the start.  



Y'all, we've been super lenient due to covid but races are happening and bills need to be paid. Unless

you're active military, please don't ask - Run Bum Tours does not issue refunds, transfers, or deferments!