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We Love Our Vols - Grayson Highlands Edition

Wow!!!! It's been one heck of a season. December to May is nonstop for Team Run Bum already, but this year we tacked on two major events with the introduction of Forgotten Florida 100 and and Shadows of the South 100. With just a couple of us here working behind the scenes, we were desperate for folks to step in and help us out. The Run Bum Fam heeded the call. *Insert all the happy tears!!!*

Our two big events in May are Grayson Highlands 50M/50K/Half and Quest for the Crest 50k/10k. Both races saw some interesting weather this year, but Grayson Highlands took the cake. We were so (SO!) grateful for our aid station crews, team captains, and sweeps for enduring the elements to ensure a safe and successful race for all participants. Special thanks to our last minute volunteers who saved the day, and folks who drove several hours to help out! Below, sweepers Elena Der and Clyde Rivers wrap up their shift sweeping Grayson 50 in the rain, and Sean Cook poses for a pic during a full day of volunteering in the cold! Thanks so much, guys!

Thank you to all of our amazing Grayson Highlands volunteers: Michael Jay, Amanda Rhodes, David Johnson, Chris Weissmann, Joe Kindt, Kristi Kempton, Sarah Mullins, Shaila Azad, Natalie Daniel, Sean Cook, Aden St Charles, Harper Shirley, Elena Der, Amanda Womack, Robert Brettschneider, Robert McCormac, Clyde Rivers, Katie Mullins, Sawyer Kindt, Al Sternberg, Wes Shaddix, Kelly Baker, Jacqueline Schell, Leah Passauer, Rod Eshleman, Cindy Eshleman, Karen Gattuso, Joseph Hoffman

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