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Latest Race Recap - QUEST 2022

Updated: May 26, 2022

This past weekend, the team wrapped up our final event of the season, the insanely beautiful, but crazy difficult Quest for the Crest 50k/10k!

The 50k route boasts a hefty 12k feet of elevation gain on some of the most technical running trails in the country as it tours Mt. Mitchell and the surrounding mountains. The weather was both cloudy and hot, providing the same ruthless and rugged adventuring that repeat runners have grown to love over the years. This year we saw the return of the complete Mt. Mitchell summit, making the course a bit more brutal and demanding than the past two years!

The 2022 edition brought a wildly talented and competitive field with runners coming from all over the country to compete, leaving us spectators on the edge of our seats!

Sabrina Stanley of Silverton, CO returned to the Southeast to tackle what she has deemed "mile for mile the most technical race I've ever ran". She ran solidly all day despite the heat and humidity and secured the overall female win in 8:29:02, placing 4th overall. Jana Fridrichova of Hagerstown, MD was hot on Sabrina's heels, and brought it home in 8:57:27. Kathryn Zioto joined the action from Winchester, MA and rounded out the podium with a time of 10:17:28.

The men's race was quite the show with runners Avery Collins from Silverton, CO and David Hedges of Ithaca, NY spending the day leap-frogging. Hedges made a calculated move and outkicked Collins on the final climb, securing the win in 6:38:12. Collins was close behind him in 6:49:25. Drew Antonisse from Telluride, CO also held his own in the Southeast heat, and secured the remaining podium spot with a solid 7:13:05.

In the 10k, runners tackled over 3300 feet on one of the gnarliest climbs East of the Mississippi. This ain't your mama's 10k, guys! Wilton Norris secured the overall win in a speedy 1:12:45 and Michelle Lutz took home the female W in just 1:37:59. Impressive!

Congrats, to all of you who had the guts to toe the line on this one! You all did an amazing job. Complete 50k/10k results can be found here: 2022 Quest for the Crest 50k / 10k 50K - Results (