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  • Wendy

Run Bum Gives Back!

We're so stoked to introduce our newest race to you all: Run Bum's first ever charity event, the Wild Florida Trail Run! All proceeds from this race will go directly to our amazing friends, the Florida Trail Association.

The race is set to take place November 19, 2022, inhow-to-experience-winter-hikes-virtually White Springs, Florida. It will feature a 50k, 12mile, and 5mile option. Each distance will take runners on an incredibly scenic adventure, and highlight sections of the beautiful Florida Trail. Registration is open now! Learn everything you need to know about the race here.

RD Sean Blanton, who holds the record for the Fastest Known Time of the Florida Trail, had this to say about the new event: "Out of all 1,108 miles of the Florida Trail, the 60 some odd miles along the Suwannee River have to be the most scenic. This race is set to be when the cypress trees along the river in North Central Florida have their needles turning colors. Fall in North Florida is simply majestic. From the fall colors to magnolias mixed with some of the fattest oak trees you'll ever see, the Suwannee is filled with a lifetime of beauty. "

Come check it out and discover the side of Florida you've been missing!