Georgia Death Race Overview

Georgia Death Race, the hardest sub 100 mile trail run on the East Coast. 74 ish miles on a point to point course with 35,000 ft of elevation change. This race connects Vogel State Park to Amicalola Falls State Park. 
The point of this race is to showcase the North Georgia mountains and create a unique race. 
Runners must carry a 1 lb railroad nail all 74 ish miles of the race. This is their burden. It weighs on them, growing even heavier as they progress through the course. 
If they finish (only 70% do) they throw the nail in a coffin and are given a new engraved nail. 

Unlike other races, the Georgia Death Race discourages you from finishing. We tell you that you’re not gonna finish and that you’re gonna die. It’s all part of it. If someone says “you’re gonna die” it’s kinda like good luck for this race. 

This race grabs you by the soul and won’t let you go. This race just gets in your blood. Likely why this is the most popular race on the East Coast. 

This is a Western States / Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc qualifying race. Check their sites for details. 

There are no pre requisites for this race. Show up and die.