Updated on 07/22/20


Georgia Death Race Lottery -- Instructions

Eligibility requirements for the GDR Lottery

1. You must finish an official 50k or longer race within 364 days of this year’s GDR race. It must be an official race with more than 10 finishers, and you must finish within the cutoff time. It cannot be a timed event (6,12,24 hour etc.) or an OCR/Spartan type event.
2. You can register for the race having not finished a 50K or longer race. You have until February 1 of the year of the GDR finish a qualifying race.
3. You must complete a minimum of 8 hours of volunteer trail work or volunteer at a trail race. The due date of this work will be February 10, of the year of the GDR race. You may not count work at an OCR event or Spartan trail runs. We perfer you work on local trails and support local trail races. You cannot use volunteer work hours that you completed for other races (example Western States) for your GDR volunteer work hours requirement! You cannot use GDR volunteer hours for your GDR volunteer work hours.  There will be a link on the GDR home page to submit volunteer work hours to verify your submission and not be cut from the race. 

How the Lottery Works:

For year 2020 GDR lottery and beyond.
Everyone will get 1 lotto ticket when they enter the race for the first time. For each year starting with 2019, when you enter the lottery and don’t get picked, you will get 1 extra ticket. If you miss a year then it starts back over again. Example: If you don’t get in 3 years in a row and have 3 tickets, but then you miss entering the lottery year 4 and try back on year 5, you’ll only have 1 ticket.

We do not allow you to skip a year in the lotto for ANY reason!

*If you entered the 2019 lotto and did not get selected you will get an extra ticket.
We will not recognize anyone not being selected before 2019*

In addition: There is no “if you don’t get in for “X” amount of years you automatically get in”.

Special Considerations

1. If you volunteer a full shift (8 hours or more) at Georgia Death Race you will be able to bypass the lottery for the next year’s race. To bypass the lottery, you must  send an email to info@runbumtours.com one week, (not sooner or later), before the race goes on sale of your intention to bypass the lottery. Bypassing the lottery, is NOT a free entry into GDR. You must pay the registration fee.  Once the lottery starts, you cannot get into the race. We must know how many spots volunteers are taking before the lottery begins. If you volunteer and want to bypass the lottery, it can only be used for the following year’s race. You cannot skip a year. You must also meet the race eligibility requirements as listed above.

2. A free entry will be given to any past male or female winners of GDR. Notify us by sending an email to info@runbumtours.com to let us know of your intention to use your free entry. You can notify us any time before January 1st of year's GDR race in which you want to participate.

3. 20 spots will be saved for elite runners. These spots will not be not given out in the lottery. THIS IS NOT A FREE ENTRY; YOU MUST PAY the entry fee! The 20 spots might be 10 males or 10 females, or any combination thereof. It depends on who enters, and it is up to the Race Director to distribute the 20 elite runner entries. The entires will be selected by November 1st of the year prior to the race. Do not ask to be considered for an elite entry until the initial lotto is completed.

What is an elite? I’ve seen you in a magazine, you’ve won a big race or races with more than just local competition. You’re setting course records on big races, etc. You have been top 3 on a previous GDR. We reserve the right to say no to anyone. We give special consideration for people who crush Sky to Summit 50k, Cloudland Canyon 50k, and Quest for the Crest 50k. A win may not be enough. Impress me and we can talk. We want people who are training their asses off and who have a legit shot of going top 5 at Western States. I also want someone who really wants to run this. It’s so much fun, but it’ll hurt the whole time.

4. For the 2020 lottery (2021 GDR Race), If you finish 3 out of the 5 Run Bum sub GDR distance ultras in the 2019 calendar year, we will let you bypass the lottery for the following year. Those races are Grayson Highlands 50k, Quest for the Crest 50k, Sky to Summit 50k, Chattanooga 50 Mile, and Cloudland Canyon 50k. (For the year 2019 you can only count one Cloudland Canyon race). If you meet this requirement you must contact us one week before the GDR lottery, and let us know your intention to bypass the lottery. Again, we need to know how many lottery spots we must reserve for those who meet the requirement.

For the 2021 lottery (2022 GDR Race) you must complete 4 out of 5 races in 2020 and so on for subsequent years. 

If you meet the requirements of completing the correct number of races and want to bypass the lottery, it can only be used for the next lottery you cannot skip a year.

You must still meet the other requirement for GDR volunteer work hours before you can participate in the race.

5. Two (2) entries will be set aside for the American Cancer Society’s Determination Program. The race will donate these entries to the American Cancer Society for free, but the participant is required to fundraise at least $2,500, which will go to the American Cancer Society . The Determination Program is headed up by Ramon Bermo. Look for him on Facebook!

After #1 and #4 entries have been distributed, the lottery process will begin. We will let you know how many people we will take in the lottery. Overall we will take in about 425-450 total runners. This includes #1 and #5, and the lottery. This will account for no shows. There will be no waitlist.

The race director reserves the right to change the lottery process at any time and to provide entries as per his discretion.

The new lottery rules are going into effect because there were over 1,200 lottery entrants for the 2019 race. We want to reward folks who really want to run this race by giving you more lottery tickets if you don’t get in. We also want to reward volunteers and people who are Run Bum supporters. If you don’t get in the lotto. Come volunteer and be part of this race!

Much love and thanks for supporting all seven (7) years of the Georgia Death Race.  We look forward to 20 more years ahead!