Georgia Death Race Information & Rules

**There are NO prerequisites and NO volunteer hours to turn in for this 2021 race


Saturday 3/27/2021 - 5:00 AM 

Vogel State Park - 405 Vogel State Park Rd Blairsville, GA 30512

Weekend Schedule

Friday 11/06/2020

Location: 418 Amicalola Falls State Park Rd, Dawsonville, GA 30534

Enter the park ($5.00 park pass required) and take the first left and keep going until you find the lodge.

Packet pick-up 5:00 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. in the Oak Hall Room followed by a mandatory meeting

There will be one meeting at 6:30 P.M. to review any last minute changes or updates to the race.

Do not try to check-in early. Please give the volunteers time to setup.

There is no packet pick-up on race day!!

Packet Pick-up Process

Amicalola Lodge - 418 Amicalola Falls State Park Rd, Dawsonville, GA 30534

Before you can get your bib, you have to show the required gear and a valid government I.D.

To make this fast and easy put only the required gear in a large clear plastic bag so that everything is visible.

If you don't have your gear or are missing an item, the volunteer will ask you to go get the required items and return to the gear check. Once the volunteer sees you have everything, we'll tag your pack. Proceed to bib pick-up.

You can only get a bib in person with a VALID government I.D.  You cannot get a bib/shirt for a friend or get a bib the  morning of the race!!!

  • If you have a crew, we'll give you a crew location access card. 

  • If you have a safety runner, we'll provide you with a special bib for your safety runner. 

  • If you purchased add-ons, we will have a separate area for pick-up and merchandise sales. Check-in volunteers will remind you if you have anything additional items to pick up.

  • If you have a JAKE BULL DROP BAG, bring it to the meeting. You'll leave these in a predetermined location near the check-in area. (See the "Drop Bags" section for specific drop bag information) Drop bags for Point Bravo bring to the start of the race.

Attend the pre-race meetings.  We will review any last minute changes, safety, aid stations, safety runners and general Q&A.  If you show up race morning and did not pick up your bib and attend a pre-race meeting on Friday, you will not be allowed to participate!  We are serious about this!

Add-ons / Other Merchandise

If you cannot run, but ordered add-ons, you will have to pick up the items, or have someone pick up the items for you. We do not ship unclaimed items. (Including unclaimed drop bags)

If you want to buy your crew/safety runner/family a shirt or hoodie, there will be items for sale. Sales are cash only! No checks or credit cards. 


Race starts at 5:00 A.M. -  at Vogel State Park. ($5.00 Park Pass required)

If you are staying at Amicalola Falls State Park or want to ride the shuttle bus to the start. 

  • Arrive at Amicalola Falls State by 1:45 A.M. - Drive PAST the Visitor Center and Group Shelter and park along the road to the falls. Walk back to the Group Shelter and drop your FINISH LINE DROP BAGS in the Group Shelter. 

  • 2:15 A.M. - Buses LEAVE for Vogel State Park  (Bring your POINT BRAVO DROP BAG WITH YOU - again, keep it small.  This allows you to have access to stuff you need on the bus and not leave items at Vogel.)

  • 4:15 A.M. - Check-in/Spike pick-up/Drop bag drop-off at Vogel State Park Group Shelter. This is a mandatory re-check. So make sure someone with a clipboard and scanner puts a check by your bib/name.)

  • 5:00 A.M. - Race start for all runners


There is a 24-hour total time limit with individual aid station cutoffs. The cutoffs are tighter at first, then loosen up as you get closer to the finish. It is YOUR responsibility to know these time limits. We DO NOT recommend basing your distance solely on GPS devices. GPS devices can vary in accuracy. If you are riding cutoffs then be prepared to not make a cutoff. Please do not get angry with a volunteer if you do not make a cutoff time and are asked to stop. If you are dropping from the race, you MUST announce this to the nearest aid station captain! There are STRICT cutoffs and are for leaving the aid station, not getting to the aid station. AGAIN, all cutoff times are for you LEAVING the aid station.

Dropping Out

There are two aid stations where you can drop and have crew pick you up.

Skeenah Gap -  mile 21.5

Winding Stair Gap -  mile 46

If you drop at any other aid station, you will have to wait until the aid station closes to catch a ride back to the finish area. If your drop out, you must be sure to the aid station captain knows and scans you out of the race. This helps race officials to verify that no one is left out on the course. 

Click here for a link to cutoff times, course map, elevation profile, and aid station information. 



Please note that there will be road crossings that may not have crossing marshals. This could be during the daylight or during the dark. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING YOUR SAFETY WHEN CROSSING A ROAD.

If you or another runner has a LIFE THREATING emergency please dial 911. Sometimes the closest aid station is behind you.



The weather can be hot or cold. Check forecasts for race day and plan accordingly. 

Hunting Season

Be aware that turkey hunting season is open in North Georgia. 



No cutting the course

Listen and follow all instructions from race staff / volunteers / medical personnel

Be courteous  

You may only receive aid within 100 feet of an aid station that allows crew access

No littering

Trekking poles are NOT allowed!

The Race Director has sole discretion of administration of any violations of the race rules ranging from a time penalty, up to and including disqualification.

The course is subject to change due weather or trail closures.


Mandatory Gear

All runners must have the following items with them at all times - including check-in

  1. Headlamp with an extra set of batteries. You must carry the headlamp from start to finish. This is a requirement for our race permit

  2. Windbreaker / weather proof jacket 

  3. Warm hat - beanie or buff

  4. Water bottle or pack & bladder (minimum 22 oz.) and a collapsible cup for obtaining fluids. This is cup-less race. There will not be ANY cups at ANY aid station along the course

  5. Space blanket 

  6. Whistle

  7. Once you receive your railroad spike - you must carry it the duration of the race!


Aid Stations

We will have typical aid station fare at most aid stations. This means cookies, bananas, peanut butter and jelly, chips, Gatorade, ginger ale, Coke, etc.  

Some aid stations will have hot food. Most likely ramen, bacon, grilled cheese, quesadillas, broth etc. More information will be communicated on those locations as we get closer to race day.

You can have a drop bag at the Point Bravo and Jake Bull aid stations.

This is your opportunity ensure you have what you need. Check the aid station matrix for crew and drop bag locations. 

If you have food or insect allergies, and you normally carry an “epi-pen”, make sure you have it with you during the race.


Drop Bags

Drop bags for Jake Bull aid station must be brought to the packet pick-up. Drop bags for Point Bravo must be brought to the start of the race. Drop bags may not be larger than a small back pack. If you show up with a big plastic bin, duffle bag or overly large bag, then we will not take it to the drop off point. You should have a bag that has room for one (1) pair of shoes, a couple layers of clothing and some nutrition. 


We will do our best to get these items back to the start as soon as possible after the aid station close. We cannot mail drop bags post-race. We will leave all drop bags at the finish lodge until 6:00 A.M. Sunday. All unclaimed drop bags will be either donated or disposed.


Safety Runner:

You are allowed one (1) safety runner. They are not allowed to carry food, gear, water etc. for you. (no muling) 

You can pick up the safety runner at Winding Stair (mile 46) aid station. The safety runner must wear the required bib that matches the runner's bib number. 

The safety runner is not a pacer! To be eligible for finisher awards or placing in the top 5, you may not use a safety runner.


Only one crew vehicle is allowed per runner. If you have a crew , you will receive a crew vehicle display card, to be placed in plain view on the dash of the crew vehicle. Crew vehicle display cards can be picked up Friday evening at the packet pick-up. You must have a crew vehicle display card before heading out to crew accessible aid stations.

  •  NO crew access at the following aid stations:

           White Oak, Mulkey Gap, Point Bravo, Sapling Gap, Long Creek, and Nimblewill

  • Parking for Skeenah Gap is at Friendship Church. There will be overflow parking near the church. Volunteers will be assisting with parking. Follow their instructions. Police will be on sight and issuing tickets, no parking on the road or at the aid station. Plan your arrival based on your runners expected pace. Leaders will be arriving in three to four hours. Middle and back of the pack runners will arrive between five and seven hours.

  • DO NOT leave vehicles overnight at Winding Stair.  Leave cars at Amicalola and get rides to Winding Stair. Note: DO NOT drive up Winding Stair Gap Rd from Nimblewill. There are runners on the road!! Follow crew driving directions.

  • Crews may only visit designated aid stations listed on the aid station matrix - click here 

  • If your runner drops from the race, their Bib# must be turned in at the nearest aid station where they drop and you must notify a volunteer at that aid station. 

  • Please realize that we will do our best to keep your runner safe, on course, and set to finish this race. So please help us by adhering to the rules. 


Post race food

We will have food with a veggie option for runners at the finish line. Most likely gourmet hot soup and bread. 


Amicalola State Park has some amazing cabins and a full lodge. Amicalola has the lodge which is a great place to stay. There also lodging options in Blairsville just a few miles from Vogel State Park.

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