Georgia Death Race Information & Rules


**For 2022  - There are NO prerequisites and NO volunteer hours to turn in for this years race**


74 ish mile point to point trail run from Vogel state park to Amicalola Falls State Park. Runners have to carry a 1 lb railroad spike the entire way. This is the hardest race on the East Coast and  a southern trail running rite of passage.



Race DaySaturday March 26, 2022 5:00 AM 

Vogel State Park

405 Vogel State Park Rd Blairsville, GA 30512

Bring a GA State Park parking pass or $5 (exact change please) for parking

Packet Pickup -

Friday March 25, 2022 5:00 - 6:30 PM

Amicalola Falls State Park

Held outside of the lodge, please bring your ID, a facial covering and your Jake Bull drop bag

418 Amicalola Falls State Park Rd, Dawsonville, GA 30534

Enter the park (GA SP parking pass or $5 required to park) and take the first left and keep going until you get to the lodge. Do not try to check-in early. Please give the volunteers time to setup.

Saturday march 26, 2022 3:30 - 4:30 AM

Vogel State Park - Group Lodge

please bring you ID, a Facial covering and you Mulky &/or Point Bravo drop bag

405 Vogel State Park Rd Blairsville, GA 30512

Packet Pick-up Process

You can only get a bib in person with a VALID government I.D.  You cannot get a bib/shirt for a friend or get a bib the  morning of the race!!!

  • If you have a crew, we'll give you a crew location bib for the car

  • If you have a safety runner, we'll provide you with a nobody bib for your safety runner

  • If you purchased add-ons (merchandise), we will have them there . Check-in volunteers will remind you if you have additional items to pick up.

  • If you have Jake Bull Drop Bags bring it to Friday night packet pickup ONLY. Jake Bull drop bags will not be accepted on Saturday. You'll leave it in a predetermined location near the check-in area. (See the "Drop Bags" section for specific drop bag information) Drop bag for Mulky & Point Bravo - please bring to the start of the race.

  • Merchandise sales will take place following the race, at the finish line

Pre Race Meeting

Sean will send out a video with the details for the pre race meeting a week prior to race day. It will also be attached to an email that will be sent out race week 

Mandatory Gear

All runners must have the following items with them at all times. We will not be checking mandatory gear at packet pickup however we will be checking at random times during the race, so please have it. If you are found to not have the required gear, the penalty can range from time penalty to a DQ. It gets cold out there at night y'all and most people use those space blankets the last 20 miles!

  1. Headlamp with an extra set of batteries. You must carry the headlamp from start to finish. This is a requirement for our race permit

  2. Windbreaker / weather proof jacket 

  3. Warm hat - beanie or buff

  4. Water bottle or pack & bladder (minimum 22 oz.) and a collapsible cup for obtaining fluids

  5. Space blanket 

  6. Whistle

  7. Once you receive your railroad spike - you must carry it the duration of the race!


If you are staying at Amicalola Falls State Park or want to ride the shuttle bus to the start - 

  • Arrive at Amicalola Falls State by 2:15 A.M. - Drive PAST the Visitor Center and Group Shelter and park along the road to the falls. Walk back to the Group Shelter and drop your finish line drop bags (if you have one) in the Group Shelter. 

  • 2:45 A.M. - Buses LEAVE for Vogel State Park  (Bring your Mulky &/or Point Bravo drop bag with you - again, keep it small.  This allows you to have access to stuff you need on the bus and not leave items at Vogel.)

  • 4:15 A.M. - Check-in/Spike pick-up/Point Bravo & Mulky drop bag drop-off at Vogel State Park Group Shelter. This is a mandatory re-check

  • 5:00 A.M. - Race starts for all runners

  • There is NO  shuttle after you race from Amicalola to Vogel if you decide to park your car at Vogel

  • The Shuttle is $25 and is reserved & bought on Ultrasignup


25 hour total cutoff with individual aid station cutoffs. All cutoff times are to leave the aid station, not to arrive. This is to keep everyone safe and adhere to our strict permits, thank you

Dropping Out

There are aid stations where you can drop and have crew pick you up

Mulky Gap - mile 13.5

Skeenah Gap -  mile 21.5

Winding Stair Gap -  mile 46

You can drop out at crew access aid stations but if you don't have a crew you'll have to try and get a ride with someone. If you try and drop at any other aid station you're kind of on your own to find a way back. We will do the best we can to get you back to somewhere but you're now a non -active runner and it could take hours to get you out of there. If you drop out, you must be sure the aid station captain knows. This helps race officials to verify that no one is left out on the course

Click here for a link to cutoff times, course map, elevation profile, and aid station information



You will be running on dirt roads and some paved roads that are open to the public. Watch for cars as they may not be watching for you. If you encounter anyone on horseback or a bike please give way to them. Don’t run by any horses without asking the rider what to do



The weather can be hot or cold. Check forecasts for race day and plan accordingly. 

Hunting Season

Be aware that turkey hunting season is open in North Georgia. 



  • No cutting the course

  • Listen and follow all instructions from race staff / volunteers / medical personnel

  • Be courteous  

  • You may only receive aid within 100 feet of an aid station that allows crew access

  • No littering

  • Trekking poles are NOT allowed!

  • The Race Director has sole discretion of administration of any violations of the race rules ranging from a time penalty, up to and including disqualification

  • The course is subject to change due weather or trail closures


Aid Stations

We will have typical aid station fare at the aid stations. This means quesadillas, avos, bananas, PB&J, fruit, ramen, chips, cookies, Gatorade, ginger ale, Coke, etc.  You can have a drop bag at the Mulkey, Point Bravo and Jake Bull aid stations if you need different food. This is your opportunity to ensure you have what you need. Check the aid station matrix for crew and drop bag locations. 

*If you have food or insect allergies, and you normally carry an “epi-pen”, make sure you have it with you during the race.


Drop Bags

Drop bags for Jake Bull station must be brought to the packet pick-up Friday night ONLY. Jake Bull drop bags will not be accepted at the start line. Drop bags for Point Bravo & Mulky must be brought to the start of the race, Vogel SP. You are allowed a 1 gallon freezer style ziplock bag.  Please be sure to label your drop bag with your name, bib number and drop location/aid station.  The drop bags will not be returned due to remoteness of the aid stations, fewer volunteers and the distance from the finish line.


Safety Runner:

You are allowed one (1) safety runner (Nobody). They are not allowed to carry food, gear, water etc. for you. (no muling) 

You can pick up the safety runner at Winding Stair (mile 46) aid station. The safety runner must wear the required bib that matches the runner's bib number. 

The safety runner is not a pacer! To be eligible for finisher awards or placing in the top 5, you may not use a safety runner.


Only one crew vehicle is allowed per runner. If you have a crew , you will receive a crew vehicle display card, to be placed in plain view on the dash of the crew vehicle. Crew vehicle display cards can be picked up Friday evening at the packet pick-up. You must have a crew vehicle display card before heading out to crew accessible aid stations.

  • 2022 Race - everyone is allowed at Winding Stair Gap. Parking is limited. Runners are allowed only one crew vehicle per aid staton. DO NOT leave vehicles overnight at Winding Stair.  Leave cars at Amicalola and get rides to Winding Stair.

  • Crews may only visit designated aid stations listed on the aid station matrix - click here 

  • Anyone with high clearance 4x4 may visit Fish Gap (not an AS) However you may not park in the Gap itself. Please go up, turn around in the Gap and then park on the right side of the road going down. If not everyone will get stuck and people will have to reverse out. **You may not make it from Fish Gap to Skeenah in time or from Mulky Gap to Fish in time if you have a fast runner.

  • No crews may drive up or down Winding Stair Gap Road aka USFS 77 or noontootla/USFS 58. If you're driving on a dirt road and you see race flagging then turn around you're gonna kick up dust for our runners and that sucks!



Post Race Food

There will be no food or beverages at the finish line.


Amicalola State Park has some amazing cabins and a full lodge. Amicalola has the lodge which is a great place to stay. There is also lodging options in Blairsville just a few miles from Vogel State Park.

Y'all, we've been super lenient due to covid but races are happening and bills need to be paid. Unless

you're active military, please don't ask - Run Bum Tours does not issue refunds, transfers, or deferments!