Georgia Death Race  - Crew Information

Only one crew vehicle is allowed per runner. If you have a crew , you will receive a crew vehicle display bib, to be placed in plain view on the dash of the crew vehicle. Crew vehicle display bibs will be handed out at packet pick-up. You must have a crew vehicle display bib before heading out to crew accessible aid stations.

  • 2022 Race - everyone is allowed at Winding Stair Gap. Parking is limited. Runners are allowed only one crew vehicle per aid staton. DO NOT leave vehicles overnight at Winding Stair.  Leave cars at Amicalola and get rides to Winding Stair.

  • Crews may only visit designated aid stations listed on the aid station matrix - click here 

  • Anyone with high clearance 4x4 may visit Fish Gap (not an AS) However you may not park in the Gap itself. Please go up, turn around in the Gap and then park on the right side of the road going down. If not everyone will get stuck and people will have to reverse out. **You may not make it from Fish Gap to Skeenah in time or from Mulkey Gap to Fish in time if you have a fast runner.

  • No crews may drive up or down Winding Stair Gap Road aka USFS 77 or noontootla/USFS 58. If you're driving on a dirt road and you see race flagging then turn around you're gonna kick up dust for our runners and that sucks!



2021 Crew Access / Safety Runner Aid Stations

Mulky Gap is runner's last name A-K 

Skeenah Gap is runner's last name L-Z 

GDR 2021 Crew Driving Directions.png

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