Forgotten Florida 45 Mile / 15 Mile


45 Mile - Saturday February 6, 2021  6:00 AM

15 Mile - Saturday February 6, 2021 7:30 AM


It is a 30 minute drive east of the Orlando airport. Get directions to this address, it's the  only entrance to access the race. From the entrance it's still a five minute drive within the WMA, follow the signage.

Tosohatchee WMA 

3365 Taylor Creek Rd

Christmas, FL 32709

Weekend Schedule:

45 Miler Packet Pickup is 5:00 - 5:45 AM

15 Miler - Packet Pickup is 6:30 - 7:15 AM

Race Information Timeline: 

45 Miler - 12 hour cutoff and this means you will be running in the dark so you will need a headlamp!

15 Miler - 5 hours


Aid Stations

We will have approximately 6 aid stations on the 45 Miler and 1 on the 15 Miler.

More info coming but as always with Run Bum Races we make everything EPIC!

Event Rules

* 45 Milers - You must have a headlamp, as it will be dark starting the race

* No littering! Dispose of all trash at aid stations or the finish line

* No cutting course or switchbacks

* If a runners is injured, you must stop to assist that runner

* Do not remove flagging, markers, or directional signs

* No pacers or drop bags

* Runners may leave a bag at the finish line to have after the race

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