Cloudland Canyon
50 Mile  / 50k  / Half Marathon


December 4-5, 2021

50 mile and half marathon Saturday, December 4, 2021 

50k Sunday, December 5, 2021


Cloudland Canyon State Park

122 Cloudland Canyon Park Rd, Rising Fawn, GA 30738


The race starts at the Group Lodge. GPS coordinates 34.824277,-85.483397

There is a $5 per day State Park entrance fee

Saturday 12/4/2021 - 50 Miler starts at 6:00 AM  with a 14.5 hour cutoff

Saturday 12/4/2021 - Half Marathon starts at 9:30 AM with a 4.5 hour cutoff

Sunday 12/5/2021 - 50k starts at 6:30 AM with a 11 hour cutoff


Weekend Schedule

Friday 12/3/2021

PACKET PICK UP - Non Mandatory for all races at Cloudland Canyon Group Lodge 

122 Cloudland Canyon Park Rd, RisingFawn, GA 30738 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Saturday 12/4/2021

50 Miler - Race start 6:00 AM with a 14.5 hour cutoff

*Drop bags come to the group shelter at Cloudland Canyon the morning of the race

Packet pickup: You must get your bib at the group shelter from 4:45 AM - 5:45 AM or at Friday packet pickup. You must show a government I.D. 


1/2 Marathon 9:30 AM with a 4.5 hour cutoff

Packet pickup: You must get your bib at the group shelter from 8:15AM - 9:15 AM or Friday packet

pickup. You must show government I.D. 

Sunday 12/5/2021

50k - 6:30 AM with a 11 hour cutoff

*Drop bags come to the group shelter at Cloudland Canyon the morning of the race

Packet pickup: You must get your bib at the group shelter from 5:15 AM - 6:15 AM or at Friday packet pickup. You must show a government I.D. **We will have a short packet pickup on Saturday for the 50k during the 50 mile race at the Cloudland Canyon Lodge (the start/finish line) between 1 PM - 4PM**


Cutoff Times

We believe the cutoffs are beyond generous to ALMOST allow you to walk the course. However, it is not a hiker friendly course. You will still need to run and not spend a lot of time at the aid stations.

We want everyone to finish but the reality is that not everyone will. We typically have a 90%+ finish rate for our Cloudland Canyon event. Please note that the cutoff times are listed as time of day. You must have left the aid station by this time as it is not how much time you have to get to it. The cutoffs let up as the race progresses to account for people slowing down. All mileage is 'ish'. So, if you are using a GPS watch and riding the cutoffs then you may not get the result you want. Our suggestion is to be quick at the aid stations and don’t stop moving forward. If something is runnable then run it! Best of luck to you all, we want you to finish!


December is typically cold but can always warm up midday. The leaves will be down so the winds can get higher than normal which is why it's good to have a wind breaker / layers. For the most accurate forecast check Rising Fawn, GA and assume that on top of the plateau, aka 90% of the course, that it will be up to 20º colder.



  • Rules no cutting the course

  • Aid only at aid stations from your crew

  • No being a jerk



Water bottle and a collapsible cup to received fluids. This is cup-less race.


Aid Stations

Major aid stations will have -- water, Gatorade, Coke, ginger ale, PB&J, quesadillas or grilled cheese, salt, cookies. Fluid only aid stations, will have water and Gatorade.  If you need ANYTHING besides water and Gatorade between aid stations, then grab it from the aid station and put it in your pack. If you have food or insect allergies, and you normally carry an “epi-pen”, remember to have it with you during the race.


Drop Bags

Bring all drop bags to the start line on race day 


50 mile drop bag locations

  • Group Lodge (mile 6 and mile18.5)

  • Ascalon (26.5 and mile 40.5)


5ok drop bag location​

  • Group Lodge (mile 12.5)


Drop bags will be collected at the start line. Be sure to label your drop bag with your name, bib number and drop location/aid station.  You are allowed a 1 gallon freezer style ziplock bag.  The drop bags will return to the finish line after the aid station closes which will be after dark however, you may drive to the aid station and get your bag if you'd like.  Anything left will be tossed out and we will not mail any bags out.

Safety runners/pacers

No pacers or safety runners.



Note: There is a $5, per calendar day, State Park entry fee. Please note that all crew accessible aid stations are within state park boundaries and require the $5 daily entrance fee. (Or a GA State Park Pass)

Only one (1) crew vehicle is allowed per 50M /50k runner.

  • Crews may only visit designated aid stations. 50 Mile is start/finish/Group Lodge, Ascalon and Nickajack. The 50k is the start/finish/Group Lodge. Half Marathon is the start finish at Group Lodge

  •  If your runner is dropping from the race, please notify the aid station captain

  • Please realize that we will do our best to keep your runner safe, on course, and set to finish this race, so please help us by adhering to the rules

  • Please refer to the matrix for more information


Top 3 male and female overall for both races will get a special award

All finishers receive a medal  



Dorm beds

You can pay to have a dorm bed at the start/finish line. This is heated and indoors. You get the bed for Friday and Saturday night, 50kers cannot stay Sunday night after the race, the lodge closes Sunday morning. We have co-ed rooms as well as female only rooms. You can not purchase 1 night you must purchase two nights. Please bring your own bed sheets, and pillows. There are hot showers in the restrooms. This is a great way to meet new runners and hang out with the trail runner community. 


It is less expensive than anything else around.


Places to Stay

Stay at Cloudland Canyon State Park! Be at the start /finish.

They have cabins, yurts, RV spots, tent walk ins and the dorm beds (read above).

It is a 2 night minimum for the race. Bring the family and hang out in one of the prettiest state parks in the south. Our runners fill the park to capacity in a very short time so you'll need to jump on the reservations if you are wanting this option. A short distance from Cloudland is Lookout Valley there are some hotels to stay there. You can also AirBnB, we've noticed there are a lot of them available for very reasonable prices.


We need volunteers! If you are interested click here to sign up! Thank you!!

Y'all, we've been super lenient due to covid but races are happening and bills need to be paid. Unless

you're active military, please don't ask - Run Bum Tours does not issue refunds, transfers, or deferments!